"You know what would be awesome meta? If Rob Thomas the singer guest starred on Rob Thomas’ web series."

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"I know some people say they are disappointed about the 09er focused mystery in the movie rather than the race and class conflict, but the fact is that while race and class conflicts are given lip service in Veronica Mars as a problem and are used atmospherically as part of the noir themes, outside of the more general fact that race and class affect everything… none of the major (and very few of the minor) mysteries end up being center on this conflict. Lilly’s death, Felix’s death, the bus crash, all the major mysterious of season three, the class conflict was used as a red herring but weren’t the actual motive; their participant are within the same class. The conflicts over the summer were shown largely be stirred up by Thumper to cover his crime. Even the corruption in Neptune was shown in Season 2 to be from both the haves (Kanes and their ilk) and have notes (Fitzpatricks). In Veronica Mars’ world, to quote Keith “most crime is personal” and always has been."

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"I seriously hate it when I (accidentally) read Veronica Mars Happy Teen Pregnancy fics. Like, OH MY GOD. Who wants to get pregnant at 15/16 and happy about it? "

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"When I first read the line in The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, where Veronica first talks to Chad and he asks her ‘Have you ever had a relationship that you knew wasn’t working, couldn’t work, would never work? But you just couldn’t help yourself, because the way it didn’t work was so damn good?’ and Veronica’s inner monologue says ‘Yes, she had that relationship… and now here she was back in it again.’ I immediately thought it referred to Logan and LoVe, which I feel was Rob Thomas’s intention (or at least what we’re supposed to immediately assume). But now re-reading I feel it also applies to other elements in Veronica’s life; her return to PI business, and her return to Neptune. Both things that shouldn’t work, but it’s who she is, and it’s just too damn good and irresistible for her to stop, despite what Keith or anyone else thinks."

Note: Co-author Jennifer Graham explained the passage HERE

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"I think the blasts from the past that Rob was talking about for the next book are Duncan and little Lilly. Although Rob sometime can throw a curve, like bringing minor characters into the horizon, like maybe Troy?"

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"I think that Piz ruined everything for Veronica and Logan, and if he had been the rapist, it would’ve brought them closer and been a more interesting plot twist than it being Mercer."

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"My head hurt whenever I read fanfic where Logan calls Veronica ‘Sugarpuss’. That’s not her real nickname. ‘Sugarpuss’ was only used for a case (Logan’s case). ‘Bobcat’ however, that’s her real nickname."

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"I wish the meta web series would be about Percy & Francis trying to find a way to make their characters team up for a spin-off."

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"People are complaining about the new web series because they want a real new series. As much I agree with that assessment, I am happy that we got a movie, books, and an online series. It’s Christmas!”

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"I can get sort of focused on the details in a fandom I like, but with Veronica Mars, I like to remind myself (and handwave some lack of research) that Veronica doesn’t live in our world. We don’t have a Balboa County in SoCal, Oh Boyo Pollo Chicken restaurants, Hearst-marts or a Randolf Hearst that went to Yale. The USS Harry S. Truman may have its home port in Virginia in our world, but I suspect in the next book Logan will be stationed out of San Diego (and the ship was chosen as a nod to Sheriff Harry S. Truman from Twin Peaks). There have been different books, movies and cultural touch tones. It’s pretty much the only way I can account for some of the differences without it driving my detail driven mind to frustration."

Note: This confession is a response for THIS confession

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"I actually couldn’t tell which one was Logan and which one was Justin back then. I thought Logan was Justin, and I was confused why he was shorter."

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Trigger Warning: “My confession wasn’t even about the series Play if again Dick. It was about the general attitude from all sides of the camera towards Dick: that he is a lovable goof, instead of a person who thought nothing of trying to rape his girlfriend. That silly show is the least of my problems.”

Note: This confession is a continuation/clarification from THIS confession

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"It annoys me that until this day, some people still don’t realize what kind of douche Piz was in season 3. They still insist that after the movie that Veronica made a mistake of dumping Piz because he was such a nice guy. Holy shit, please open your eyes that Piz was not as nice that everyone claimed."

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“‘Play it Again, Dick’ is not about Dick Casablancas! It’s an AU version of Ryan Hansen-the-actor trying to get his career going by exploiting the recent success of the VM franchise. Don’t punish Ryan Hansen because he played an asshole. You’re not supporting Dick by supporting Ryan Hansen. This series has nothing to do with Dick, other than using the character’s existence as a vehicle in which to get all of the cast members back to tell Ryan what a shitty idea this show is. This meta show only works because everybody knows what a douchebag Dick Casablancas is and how insane it is that Ryan would assume people want a series about him exclusively.”

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"I’m pretty worried about the premise of the second book, Mr. Kiss and Tell. It’s about sexual assault and it seems to have a tie-in with season 3. And we all know how much everyone hate season 3 fake-rape plot. I understand this whole thing is a noir piece, and I understand, it’s how the world work, and the book is basically exposing that world. But I’m still worried."

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