"Veronica has a very volatile personality. She’s not going to conform to your socially acceptable behavior. She will CUT you in some way if you pissed her off."

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"I think the reason why they marketed the movie as a love triangle because general people love that kind of genre, and the WB didn’t want to promote the movie so they did it themselves, thinking this should bring a new audience."

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"The most recent love triangle angle of Veronica Mars and the descriptions of Piz and Logan have made me hate Piz more than I ever did while watching the show. It’s too bad that this was how they decided to PR the movie instead of using all the other reasons we love Veronica Mars."

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"To the poster who said that he/she wished during the epic speech that Logan was roofied so that would be the excuse why he forgot about the speech: SHAME ON YOU."

Note: This submission is a response for THIS submission

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"I think the Veronica Mars fandom has some of the best fanfic writers I’ve ever come upon.  I think part of that is that they have great characters to work with, but I think it’s mainly because of their talent.  If you haven’t read the Veronica Mars fan fiction, you are missing out."

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"The whole sex tape in the movie doesn’t make any sense, especially when they’re focused on Piz and Veronica having sex instead of the dorm room. This means Gory Sorokin / The Castle was targeting Piz instead of Wallace. And this means that Veronica was lying to Logan about not having sex with Piz. I DON’T LIKE THIS RETCONS!”

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Apparently I jumped a gun a week early for Francis Capra’s birthday

I just remember that I posted his tweet last year that he said that Wikipedia/imdb has his birthday date all wrong. It’s supposed to be next week. I truly apologize. Well, he will get twice of birthday wishes then!

Click HERE to see the tweet last year!

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Happy Birthday Francis Capra!

Born: April 22, 1983 (age 31), The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

Note: Happy birthday to the amazing and fabulous Francis Capra - many happy returns! One of the most passionate actors who grace our screens. He is very active in social media, he has his own personal blog, and you can tweet him a very happy birthday to his official twitter account franciscapra

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"After watching the movie and knowing the reason of the fight, I find it a lot better than the PCH´s Gang and the 09er, like everyone has thought. It proved to me, even if you moved away and you haven´t seen your friends a long time ago, they will still stand behind your back, and that Veronica has true friends. Like Logan, Weevil, and Wallace did. Piz´s excuse was stupid and Dick ….well, Dick is Dick!!"

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"Rob, I love you so much and I respect you as a writer. I know this movie is your baby… But please, stop retcon things."

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"My Mum walked out on us today, said she needed to live out her dreams without me, my brother or my Dad. She said she was disgusted with me and Dad. It was one of the most painstaking days of my life; but when she had packed her bags and left, Veronica’s line from ‘Meet John Smith’ - “The hero is the one who stays and the villain is the one that splits.” That line is the only thing getting me through."

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"I think Jennifer Graham is a better writer and understand the VM world more than Diane Rugierro."

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"It doesn’t matter if you are Team Logan or Team Piz because in the end Veronica isn’t good enough for Piz. She isn’t capable of the pure, sweet, love that he so freely gives. Veronica and Logan were made for one another and we all just need to let Piz get on with his life and be happy."

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"I am a big Logan fan. And no, it is NOT because he has Jason Dohring’s face or that I want him to be my fictional boyfriend. His character development was amazing to watch and he became one of the most interesting (and faulted) characters to grace my TV. Oh, and I love Veronica, Keith, Wallace, Mac and Weevil too. I like my characters with multi-layers thank you very much, not to be boyfriend material."

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"I wish the cast and the writers were more social media savvy years ago. Better late than never, I guess. Now, it’s their chance to reach more fans and not just for the movie."

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