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When Rob Thomas collides

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"I love the fact that whenever we talk about Rob Thomas, it’s always added with ‘The writer, not the singer’. And sometimes we need to emphasize that we’re talking about the Veronica Mars writer instead of the Matchbox 20 singer."

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"I love Ryan Devlin. But I don’t know what to think of having him playing "Duncan", and making out with Veronica! He might be playing a funny version of "Duncan" but it’s still going to be weird to see Mercer slash Duncan."

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"I love how in S01 E13 ‘Lord of the Bling’ when talking about Yolanda Hamilton, Veronica goes “We used to be friends, a long time ago.” and right as her line ends, the theme song/intro starts playing and the lyrics say exactly what Veronica had just said. It just feels like the writers and Rob Thomas thought it’d be a funny joke. That the viewers would laugh at how ‘cheesy’ the whole ‘joke’ is. I know I chuckle every time."

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"When Jennifer Graham’s cat (accidentally) deleted a Logan’s scene, I actually cried."

Note: Jennifer Graham tweeted that her cat, Jack, walked across her keyboard

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"A part of me always thought Duncan may have killed Lilly and not Aaron. But when I was re-watching the first season and Aaron was hit by the flower van in 1x22 I noticed a picture of a Lilly on the side of the van and I saw it as Lilly’s revenge on Aaron. And ever since I have known that Aaron did kill her."

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"I understand a great deal of people telling the fans about the books. That’s nice. I just don’t understand how some fans don’t know about the books. Like, there are announcements and everyone keeps talking about it. Do they just watch the movie, and then move on?"

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"Watching the show just make me sad, especially when I watch Gia’s scenes."

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"I believe myself to be a true marshmallow, but I honestly didn’t remember who Carrie Bishop was until I looked her up. I knew that she was a character, I just didn’t remember exactly who she was or how she fit into the plot. I think that the writers of the movie should have chosen an 09er that was more recognizable to get murdered. Example: Madison Sinclair, Gia Goodman (though she was murdered later). Instead of choosing one that made you think "who is she again?""

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Symbols- Veronica Mars

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Veronica Mars Confessions Anniversary

Holy shit, guys. I missed out the anniversary! I’ve been very busy, I didn’t realize that the anniversary was a month ago. Last time, I got 3000 confessions in three months. No wonder I didn’t remember.

Well, it has been exactly TWO years since I took over this blog from the original moderator. Thank you so much for following this blog, all of your submissions, and supports. I can’t believe after all these years, we finally got our movie, two books (and hopefully more books), and a web series. Let’s hope there will be more of Veronica Mars in the future.

Thanks again for your support, and I’m looking forward for your submissions!


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I have a question: Do you know if Jennifer Graham and Rob Thomas married? Just curious. I thought I saw his wife's name was Jennifer and she was a writer.

Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham are married, but not to each other.

Rob’s wife is the beautiful Katie Thomas

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Jennifer Graham is married and currently lives in Austin with her husband. She mentioned this on the first page of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

Both Rob and Jennifer are the writers of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars novels - a direct continuation from the Veronica Mars movie and the series).

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question : I wrote two Confession and i don´t see them yet. Did you reicieve it or aren´t you going to post it? And why did changr the Date of the release? The Book will come on October 28, 2014 not January 20,2015. Thnkx

I already sent you a private answer, but I guess you didn’t get it. I am not going to post it because your confession didn’t have anything to do with Veronica Mars. You sent me a confession about actors’ height. Confessions about actors aren’t considered to be Veronica Mars related, I mentioned this on the Guidelines. Please read it again, thanks.

As for the book; Amazon, the news media, and Rob Thomas Book Club already mentioned that Mr. Kiss and Tell has been pushed back until January next year, not October. According to Jennifer Graham, the co-author of the book, the date has been pushed back because of the conflicted schedule. As you know, Rob Thomas is very busy with iZombie and Play It Again, Dick.

I hope this clear things up.

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"I think Carrie is one of the most memorable minor characters in the show. I am sad that they had to kill her off in the movie."

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"There are lots of things I hope to see in the next book, like they are setting up by having both Lianne and Celeste end up back in Neptune; they finally have a confrontation (or simply a scene) between the both of them. Despite all the drama surrounding their rivalry, we’ve never seen them in the same scene at the same time until now."

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