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"I admire people who sent their confessions and having meta discussions in this blog. It makes me understand more about the characters."

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"Whenever I think of my favorite female character in television; Veronica’s the first to mind. Badass, righteous, witty, sassy, and just plain sweet; nobody can beat this marshmallow."

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"I’m still angry when someone posted a spoiler pic of Logan wears the Navy uniform on Tumblr, few weeks (days?) before the movie and it wasn’t from the filmmaker, but it was from a fan who thought it was a good idea. I feel (still to this day) robbed the moment of surprise when we see Logan for the first time and discover that he joined the Military."

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It’s just kinda sad that for all of Mac and Veronica’s brilliance, they’re struggling and living paycheck-to-paycheck. I think we all just want Veronica to be successful, like she deserves.”

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"My friend recommended this show, and I tried to watch it. But I just cannot finish it. I think the show is boring. I am more used with shows like CSI and Law & Order where they solve the mystery in one episode. This whole season arc is too long for me.”

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I was just curious since I was rewatching the show. It’s never really clear to me if Duncan actually cheated on Veronica with Kendall Cassablancas or not.”

Note: Rob Thomas answered the question HERE

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"So basically Jessie Doyle became a hot teacher who is flirting with Dick Casablancas and Vinnie Van Lowe in Bad Teacher. Yeah, I can live with that."

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"Every time I see or read about Dan Lamb I roll my eyes. I know he is a placeholder for the other Lamb. The writers know he is a placeholder for the other Lamb. Let’s stop pretending. Rob and co obviously wish they still had Don Lamb to play with but they had their reasons at the time for killing him off. We don’t need to new sheriff the be a conveniently never before mentioned brother who has the same personality as Don but is meaner. They should have just made a new character."

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"I don’t know why people made a fuss of Keith having an affair with Harmony. Technically, when Keith was dating Rebecca and Alicia - he was still married with Lianne."

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"I just started watching Season 1 for the first time. I really like the show, but I am convinced that there is no way I will ever think that Logan is a good person, let alone a good romantic lead. It’s so unbelievable that when I see people shipping it on tumblr, I still think they might be talking about a character I haven’t met yet."

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"The fact that it wasn’t Veronica’s red pillow that Logan was stroking kinda shattered my headcanon into a million pieces’"

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"I suspect that the line about Logan moving to Neptune when Veronica was 12 was a mistake but my personal head canon is that Aaron’s first wife was from one of Neptune’s old money families (and possibly a slightly older women, given how young around would have been in 1980). When he no longer needed her money after he hit it big in 1982 he started sleeping around and generally acting like scumbag he is (Charlie would have been conceived around that time), she divorced him and implied that part of the settlement was to stay out of Neptune. So Aaron moved somewhere like La Jolla that was just close enough to Neptune to make her uncomfortable without technically being in Neptune (hence why Logan was able to be in cub scouts with Dick and become friends when they were old enough to attend kindergarten), then when she died he moved back into Neptune proper as a screw you. He also, of course, stole her house keeper, Mrs. Navarro who had been working at her home since 1994."

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