"I think Logan told Dick that Veronica dated Leo. Maybe when he was angry when he broke up with Veronica. I thought at first that it was Duncan, but knowing his aloof personality, not to mention his tendency to keep things in secret, Duncan wouldn’t tell Dick about Leo."

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"When I re-watch Ruskie Business, I tend to talk to the screen like it’s a scary movie during the dance: “No Veronica! Don’t give Meg the flower!””

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"I loved the movie. It felt like an extended episode and it was wonderful. The only thing I didn’t like was at the graduation they didn’t show a picture of Meg. That deeply upsets me."

Note: To the confessor, did you mean the reunion or the graduation? If you meant the reunion, the scene was deleted and you can read the discussion HERE.

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I’m pretty much the biggest LoVe shipper of all time, but I don’t really understand why everyone hates Duncan so much. He did some really stupid things, but nothing that I think is completely unforgivable. I think he and Meg were really good together.”

Note: Check out the rebuttal submission HERE

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I stopped considering Duncan as a legitimate love interest for Veronica when he was crushing on Meg and texted her, “I think UR kewl.” Just…no. Is Duncan secretly twelve?”

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I wonder what Duncan’s exit storyline would’ve been if everyone on the bus had died in the bus crash, like Rob Thomas wanted. I wish that the network didn’t make Rob keep one person on the bus alive because they did such a disservice to Meg’s character by keeping her alive only to use her as a plot device for Duncan’s storyline and then just killing her off when they didn’t need her anymore.”

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"I don’t understand why they didn’t have Halloween episodes for the first two seasons. I would love to see everyone in costumes. And maybe the characters would have some sort of conversations with the dead characters in their heads."

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Happy Birthday Alona Tal!

Born: October 20, 1983 (age 30), Herzliya, Israel

Note: Happy birthday to our nutmeg, Alona Tal! Yom Huledet! Many happy returns! You can tweet her a happy birthday to her official twitter @talalona

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"I really hate it when they sacrificed Meg to prop Duncan."

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Though I absolutely love Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, I often wonder what Alona Tal’s Veronica Mars would have been like since she was Rob Thomas’ second choice. He liked her so much he wrote the character of Meg for her. I think Alona Tal would have been amazing as Veronica Mars.”

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Madison’s face when Logan calls Veronica his gf in A Trip to the Dentist is priceless.”

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I’ve never cried harder during a tv show then when Meg died. I think it’s the most underrated death on the show.”

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"I feel awful knowing that many kids from Neptune never graduated from high school or even lived to see their lives beyond high school. Lilly, Meg, Felix, Thumper, Betina, Marcos, Cervando, Rhonda, Peter, even Duncan…"

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I never understood why Duncan sat there and watched Logan practically have a breakdown of the 80s dance and did nothing. Weren’t they supposed to be best friends?”

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"When a teenager says, "My parents used to watch Veronica Mars…" I want to cry. I mean, the show was only 10 years ago…

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