During the first season, all the Lilly sequences where she talks to Veronica and Duncan seem like they play out in their heads. Then in season two, Veronica’s “vision” leads her to Weevil and coincidentally saves her life. This makes me feel like that scene is Lilly’s ghost trying to communicate with Veronica and makes me question all their previous interactions.”

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"My favorite scene in the whole show is the one in Leave It To Beaver when Veronica dreams about being with Lilly. Sometimes being caught up in the drama, you forget that they were best friends and that’s why Veronica cares so much about solving her murder case. I wish they had a few more flashbacks/ dream sequences between the two of them…"

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"Something I would have loved to see on the show is Veronica and Lilly really singing something together (something other than Wannabe!). I’m not sure what kind of scenario that would’ve been, but KBell is an AMAZING singer, and so is Amanda Seyfried so IMO, it would have been epic!"

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Happy Birthday Amanda Seyfried!


Born: December 3, 1985 (age 28), Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Note: High on life, Veronica Mars… Wishing a happy birthday to our fab Lilly Kane, Amanda Seyfried! Many happy returns. You can send her a birthday tweet to her twitter HERE

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I love it how in all of the different scenarios we got to see about how Lilly died, who killed her (Duncan, Jake, Aaron…) and that, we actually never saw an actual scene of Logan killing her, even though for a while Logan was in fact a prime suspect, and even V believed he’d done it (she looked for the letter to save him, so that makes up for not trusting him tho.”

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"I always wondered why ghost Lilly never visited Logan like she did Veronica and Duncan. I feel like Logan needed to see her more than Duncan did. I always felt like Logan never truly believed that Lilly loved him and it would have done him good for her to visit him just once while his life was falling apart and tell him that she loved him."

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"I really hate it whenever fans misspelled Lilly’s name. It’s Lilly with double L and Kane, not Caine nor Cane nor Kayne."

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Remember me….

Lilly Kane, October 3rd Decade Anniversary

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I laughed when I watched Les Misérables and saw that Amanda Seyfried was adult Cosette, because I couldn’t stop thinking of Cosette behaving in Lilly-ish ways all throughout the movie.”

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"I still wonder what Weevil’s note in the spy pen said. Was it from Lilly to him or vice versa? It might not have been relevant to the murder and might have just acted as a red herring clue to frame Weevil, but I still think it could’ve been important."

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"I understand Veronica being “red satin” after Lilly’s death but she really was a “yellow cotton dress” before her death. She was pretty plain, innocent, & boring."

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"I feel that Weevil’s wife is going to be some blonde bimbo, like Madison or something because of his past relationships (cough, Lilly). And I really don’t want that."

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"It took Veronica a whole year to solve Lilly’s murder. How the hell she is going to solve a murder case for 2 hours in the movie?"

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It always breaks my heart when, in the flashback,  they’re going to prom and Celeste tells Lily to cover up because her dress shows so much cleavage  and  Lily refuses and responds “Mom, who knows how many more bra less years I have left?” Because we know that she DOESN’T HAVE ANY MORE YEARS LEFT!!”

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