"I seriously hate it when I (accidentally) read Veronica Mars Happy Teen Pregnancy fics. Like, OH MY GOD. Who wants to get pregnant at 15/16 and happy about it? "

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"There are few times whenever I rewatch the show, I miss Lilly terribly for some reason."

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"I always hated when Lilly called Duncan a donut. It always seemed lame and it sounded stupid. Until it hit me… His name is Duncan. Duncan Donuts…. It seems kind of clever now ha-ha. I’m so dumb.”

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"I loved the movie so much don’t get me wrong, but damn, them not including Lilly in the memorial video really upset me. Lilly & Duncan were basically the beginning of Veronica Mars, the entire first and half of the second season was based on the two of them and Veronica and their relationship and all that. It really made me upset neither of them were mentioned in the movie."

Note: I already answered the question why Lilly wasn’t in the memorial video HERE. Both Lilly and Duncan were mentioned in the book. Don’t forget to read tags first before submitting anything, thanks.

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"Surely Logan would still have chosen Veronica since he knew that Lilly had an affair with his dad and with Weevil…"

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"We see Lilly’s death at the hands of Aaron Echolls in terms of Veronica’s flashback.  But how can we be sure it happened that way?  What if Veronica was wrong?  Sometimes I wonder how much more noir it could have been if Duncan or Logan or Weevil or even Lianne had actually killed her."

Note: To the confessor, did you mean Lianne or Celeste? And Aaron already admitted that he bashed Lilly’s head to Veronica.

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"I wondered why they didn’t include Lilly Kane in the memorial video in the movie. Her death was the focus of the first season.”

Note: It’s because Lilly was in a different year from everyone. She was a Senior when everyone was a Junior.

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"Has anyone ever wondered if Lilly was alive, would Logan choose her or Veronica? What if he and Veronica got together and suddenly found out Lilly was alive later on.. I wonder who he would have chosen?"

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"I love Veronica Mars and I think the characters are amazing. For example Lilly Kane was only a minor character throughout the first season but the way she was written and portrayed left an impression on me. Every time I see Amanda Seyfried I think "Hey, it’s Lilly Kane!""

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"Veronica is always afraid of turning into her mom. But I’m afraid she turned into Lilly."

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"I am not necessarily a Lilly fan in the way I’ve seen others are here on tumblr. In fact, there are times that her actions have made me very upset.  However, I love her spirit.  And I love how much she adored and saw so much in Veronica. Her vivaciousness was contagious and she definitely made me smile when I would see her in flashbacks."

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During the first season, all the Lilly sequences where she talks to Veronica and Duncan seem like they play out in their heads. Then in season two, Veronica’s “vision” leads her to Weevil and coincidentally saves her life. This makes me feel like that scene is Lilly’s ghost trying to communicate with Veronica and makes me question all their previous interactions.”

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"My favorite scene in the whole show is the one in Leave It To Beaver when Veronica dreams about being with Lilly. Sometimes being caught up in the drama, you forget that they were best friends and that’s why Veronica cares so much about solving her murder case. I wish they had a few more flashbacks/ dream sequences between the two of them…"

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"Something I would have loved to see on the show is Veronica and Lilly really singing something together (something other than Wannabe!). I’m not sure what kind of scenario that would’ve been, but KBell is an AMAZING singer, and so is Amanda Seyfried so IMO, it would have been epic!"

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Happy Birthday Amanda Seyfried!


Born: December 3, 1985 (age 28), Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Note: High on life, Veronica Mars… Wishing a happy birthday to our fab Lilly Kane, Amanda Seyfried! Many happy returns. You can send her a birthday tweet to her twitter HERE

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