"I’d like to think Veronica wasn’t joking completely when she told her father how hers and Piz’s love-making was “remarkable for its stillness and tranquility” —that comment as opposed to what she has with Logan makes me giddy for some reason."

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I’ve noticed while re-watching season three that when Piz comes over to talk to people that he doesn’t start of with “hi” or “what’s up” but just prattles on about whatever he wants to for his own interests.”

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"While I didn’t find Piz as terribly annoying in the movie as I did during Season 3, there were a few times he did make me grit my teeth and want to punch him. Exhibit A: When he stopped Veronica from doing her rendition on Ira! Like come on, when he stopped her it was as though he was embarrassed by her and her sense of humor. Also, when Veronica joked about their “calm love-making” to her father, FUNNY STUFF, yet of course Piz didn’t think so and tried to make her stop. His passive-aggressiveness though not as bad as it could be, still bothered me a bit during the movie."

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"I’m so sick of seeing all the love triangle stuff.  Veronica Mars is about so much more than that and seeing all this shipping with these guys (neither of whom seem to belong with Veronica anyway) is embarrassing.  The constant LoVe and Pizonica or whatever stuff makes us look just as bad as the twihards."

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"For the first time even in the history of Veronica Mars, I felt bad for Piz. Sure, he had it coming, but the break up, while not a big deal for V, made me sad for Piz. The way his voice kind of broke when he stopped Veronica from apologizing —sad. It was the right thing to do for him to break things off, but still sad on his side. Obviously, he loved Veronica far more than she ever could, so there’s that…Finally after seven or so years I felt any kind of sympathy for Piz."

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A part of me resents that Chris Lowell gets publicity and credit for being part of the show, when in fact, he was never there at its best, and neither did his character contribute significantly to the plot of the worst season. Yet, he mercilessly demeans a long-running character who is among the best the show has to offer, without even checking his facts first.”

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"I started to avoid all things Veronica Mars because of all the hate for Piz. I love Chris Lowell and loved Piz as a character. I never shipped him with Veronica, I always thought that if given time and if we knew more about him there would be more to love, aside from his relationship with V. It was obvious that if the show went on they would’ve split and eventually she would end up going back to Logan, so I think the hate is totally uncalled for."

Note: I assume this is a confession, because you didn’t specify. Next time, don’t forget to read the GUIDELINES. Thanks!

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"I am so excited that the movie is coming out, but I have been disappointed with the promotion. Why aren’t the actors who played important characters over all three seasons more heavily involved? I feel like there has been an emphasis on who is BFFs with Kristen and Rob and not on character importance. Seriously, where are Enrico, Francis, Percy, and Tina?"

Note: I don’t know about the promotion itself, but about the actors’ involvement - some of them are very busy with other projects so they couldn’t participate much.

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"With the popularity of True Detective, Sherlock, Luther, The Killing, Elementary, etc, interest in detective shows are in high demand so wouldn’t they think the movie marketing would focus on the fact that Veronica is a detective instead focusing on the love triangle? It’s so frustrating that the PR people (and the cast) chose to ignore that point

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I am kind of disappointed with the people that get angry at people that didn’t know about the movie sooner, just because they’re long-term fans. I am that too, and I’m pretty happy when someone else discovers Veronica Mars, even after the whole Kickstarter campaign, because it widens the fandom and can help us weigh more if we want other movies or so. So when I see those so called “Hardcore fans” (which I could be since I followed the whole series and gave money during the campaign), it just makes me sad about people overreacting about something that could, actually, give benefits to us. Let me remind you that not everyone spends time on the internet like we do, and that the information about that campaign was not that important outside of the U.S.”

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"I haven’t seen the movie, but WHY I get the feeling (based on Chris Lowell’s chat I read) that they retconned the whole Piz and Veronica having sex in college?"

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"Is it me or do we see & hear more about Piz than the other important characters like Mac, Keith, Wallace & Weevil?"

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Piz is from Beaverton, Oregon. I wonder if that was supposed to be a clue about him being psychologically unstable like Beaver. He was a “normal” guy & “normal is the watch word.” “

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"I think Piz is the real murderer. He knew Veronica will always love Logan, so he killed Logan’s gf instead and make it look like as if Logan did it so he could take the blame and go to prison and get the death penalty. This way she sees what kind of person Logan is and stops thinking about him and she will belong to Piz forever. That would be a great twist!!"

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"I don’t know what’s going to happen at the reunion because I refuse to read spoilers, but based on the trailer, Veronica’s men (Logan, Weevil, Wallace, even Dick) are fighting other guys for some reason which I think to defend someone (Logan’s dead girlfriend?). Piz on the other hand joins the fight after he says, "That’s what men do, right?" To me, this implies that he does it not because of others, but because of his own ego and he’s trying to prove something. And YET, people still think he’s the nice guy."

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