"I never liked Piz and Veronica or Piz really… Nevertheless, I hope he finds happiness. I don’t care what Veronica may have said about loving Piz. Even in the show their relationship only felt like a place holder until she got back with Logan. I hate Piz but I think he deserves better than Veronica. I mean if she really loved Piz she wouldn’t have screwed Logan against a column the night he broke up with her. I want Piz to be happy! Just not with Veronica."

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"I find that Piz’s and Veronica’s relationship, both in the movie and season 3 was kind of odd. I understand how in season 3 she wanted a break from all the drama, and she just wanted a nice boy. But their relationship didn’t seem like one that would last in the long run."

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"I’m not a Piz fan. AT ALL. But now he’s out of the picture, I kinda miss him now?"

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"I honestly don’t hate Piz and Veronica as a couple, however when push comes to shove Piz is a little boring/very routine and that’s why I think I love Veronica and Logan together more."

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"Everyone says that Piz was passive aggressive when he was pursuing Veronica. Well, Veronica was passive aggressive too when she was in a relationship with him. She was avoiding his friends/coworkers/parents and pretty much dismissive and yet didn’t tell Piz about how much she wanted out from the relationship."

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"Stop telling me how in real life I should date Piz."

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"I wished the movie didn’t exist. I really hate that they sacrificed Piz for Logan."

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"If they were going to have Piz in the movie, I wish they had gone all the way and actually had him in the movie rather than just make him the boyfriend back home Veronica forgot about. I’d almost rather have some actual real romantic drama, when I initially was hesitant about a love triangle, than just having him kind of fade away. What a waste of screentime that could have been spent on more Wallace, Weevil and Mac."

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"As I’ve been following Chris Lowell’s Kickstarter campaign for Beside Still Waters, I’ve begun to see that Chris is actually pretty funny, quirky, and even a little edgy (at least compared to Piz). It’s got me thinking that had the writers incorporated more of Chris’ actual personality into the Piz character, I might have actually been a little more Pro-Piz in Season 3."

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"I actually don’t mind the whole Team Piz and Team Veronica shipping because as a fan of the show I know that it’s MORE than just a love team pairing. If this is the way Rob and other producers wanted to promote the movie and attracts more viewers and new fans, then so be it."

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"I don’t think that Piz would have stayed with Lawyer Veronica very long if she had gone back to NY with him. If he couldn’t understand why helping out somebody framed for murder might supersede dinner with the parents, then he would never understand the late nights and few weekends off that lawyers have."

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"The fact that Piz didn’t do anything to stop the sex tape that was being played at the reunion party, not until Logan started to hit everyone, and he joined the fight, explain a lot about his passive energy. SAY SOMETHING! Say things like, "HEY, TURN THAT OFF!" Even fucking Wallace ran to turn off the projector."

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"It really bugged me that they changed the sex tape to show full sex. Now when I rewatch the episode it makes Veronica seem like a liar."

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"I feel kinda annoyed when there’s someone asking "IS THERE ANY VERONICA MARS FANDOM?" I was like, d’uh. Who made the movie and books possible?"

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