"I actually laughed when I found out that Chris Lowell is going to play "Chris Lowell" instead of Piz."

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Play It Again, Dick: A Veronica Mars Web Series

Exclusive: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, and a dozen other Veronica Mars alums will co-star in Play It Again, Dick.


When Play It Again, Dick — a web series revolving around Ryan Hansen’s fan favorite Veronica Mars character, Dick Casablancas — was announced in January 2014, creator Rob Thomas described the project like this: “The web series will have more in common with Party Down tonally, but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current Veronica Mars heat to get his own series on the air. He’ll try to pull his actor pals into the venture with varying degrees of success.”

In the subsequent seven months, Thomas has been silent on the series. But with filming on the eight-episode series recently completed, BuzzFeed can now reveal the actors who will join Ryan Hansen — who plays Dick Casablancas and a fictionalized version of himself — in the super-meta series.

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell


The Rob Thomas-penned web series revolves around a fictional Veronica Mars spin-off that Hansen has “written” as a star vehicle for himself titled Play It Again, Dick. Like almost everyone involved, Bell plays a slightly skewed version of herself who has — begrudgingly — agreed to reprise her role as the titular sleuth for Hansen’s spin-off.

Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls and Jason Dohring


Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars and Enrico Colantoni


Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel and Percy Daggs III


Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack and Daran Norris


Francis Capra as Eli “Weevil” Navarro and Francis Capra


Kyle Gallner as Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas and Kyle Gallner


Christopher B. Duncan as Clarence Wiedman and Christopher B. Duncan


Ryan Devlin as Duncan Kane and Ryan Devlin


No, that’s not a typo: Devlin, who played rapist Mercer Hayes in the third season, returns to replace Teddy Dunn as Veronica’s former paramour Duncan Kane in Hansen’s ridiculously bizarre detective series.

Chris Lowell as Chris Lowell


Lowell is one of the few alums returning to play a single character.

Ken Marino as Ken Marino


Likewise, Marino will only play himself and not sleazy private eye Vinnie Van Lowe.

Amanda Noret as Madison Sinclair

She’s only appearing in the show-within-a-show as Madison, rather than as a fictionalized version of herself. (Yes, this is getting super complicated.)

Lisa Thornhill as Celeste Kane

As is the case with Noret, Thornhill will play the prickly Celeste Kane in the show-within-a-show.

And there are two new faces as well!

Robert Buckley and Rose McIver, stars of Rob Thomas’ new series, iZombie, also guest star on Play It Again, Dick. Buckley plays flamboyant choreographer Gaston, who ends up replacing Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls in Hansen’s detective procedural, while McIver plays both “Skank With Attitude” and “Horny Mourner.”

The series will also feature Wesley Chan, Philip Wang, and Chris Dinh, as well as Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, and Thom Sherman, The CW’s head of development.

This is a lot to process.

Play It Again, Dick premieres the week of Sept. 15 on CW Seed.

BuzzFeed Staff

Note: To be clear, this is not a full series. The web series will have 8-10 minutes each episode, and it will be in a documentary parody style where the actors will play themselves. If you are familiar with Party Down, you will know there will be some dark comedy ahead.

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"I am so disappointed that it seems we didn’t reach the box office numbers that the WB wanted. I’m guessing they are postponing any kind of plans for Veronica Mars series or movies."

Note: We’re going to get a second book (Mr. Kiss and Tell) and a web series (Play It Again, Dick) this year alone

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"When Veronica said that Piz was like Sexual Sharknado in bed, I was laughing so hard because I don’t think that was a compliment."

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"I never liked Piz and Veronica or Piz really… Nevertheless, I hope he finds happiness. I don’t care what Veronica may have said about loving Piz. Even in the show their relationship only felt like a place holder until she got back with Logan. I hate Piz but I think he deserves better than Veronica. I mean if she really loved Piz she wouldn’t have screwed Logan against a column the night he broke up with her. I want Piz to be happy! Just not with Veronica."

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"I find that Piz’s and Veronica’s relationship, both in the movie and season 3 was kind of odd. I understand how in season 3 she wanted a break from all the drama, and she just wanted a nice boy. But their relationship didn’t seem like one that would last in the long run."

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"I’m not a Piz fan. AT ALL. But now he’s out of the picture, I kinda miss him now?"

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"I honestly don’t hate Piz and Veronica as a couple, however when push comes to shove Piz is a little boring/very routine and that’s why I think I love Veronica and Logan together more."

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"Everyone says that Piz was passive aggressive when he was pursuing Veronica. Well, Veronica was passive aggressive too when she was in a relationship with him. She was avoiding his friends/coworkers/parents and pretty much dismissive and yet didn’t tell Piz about how much she wanted out from the relationship."

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"Stop telling me how in real life I should date Piz."

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"I wished the movie didn’t exist. I really hate that they sacrificed Piz for Logan."

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"If they were going to have Piz in the movie, I wish they had gone all the way and actually had him in the movie rather than just make him the boyfriend back home Veronica forgot about. I’d almost rather have some actual real romantic drama, when I initially was hesitant about a love triangle, than just having him kind of fade away. What a waste of screentime that could have been spent on more Wallace, Weevil and Mac."

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"As I’ve been following Chris Lowell’s Kickstarter campaign for Beside Still Waters, I’ve begun to see that Chris is actually pretty funny, quirky, and even a little edgy (at least compared to Piz). It’s got me thinking that had the writers incorporated more of Chris’ actual personality into the Piz character, I might have actually been a little more Pro-Piz in Season 3."

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"I actually don’t mind the whole Team Piz and Team Veronica shipping because as a fan of the show I know that it’s MORE than just a love team pairing. If this is the way Rob and other producers wanted to promote the movie and attracts more viewers and new fans, then so be it."

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