"I’m still angry when someone posted a spoiler pic of Logan wears the Navy uniform on Tumblr, few weeks (days?) before the movie and it wasn’t from the filmmaker, but it was from a fan who thought it was a good idea. I feel (still to this day) robbed the moment of surprise when we see Logan for the first time and discover that he joined the Military."

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"I just started watching Season 1 for the first time. I really like the show, but I am convinced that there is no way I will ever think that Logan is a good person, let alone a good romantic lead. It’s so unbelievable that when I see people shipping it on tumblr, I still think they might be talking about a character I haven’t met yet."

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"The fact that it wasn’t Veronica’s red pillow that Logan was stroking kinda shattered my headcanon into a million pieces’"

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"I suspect that the line about Logan moving to Neptune when Veronica was 12 was a mistake but my personal head canon is that Aaron’s first wife was from one of Neptune’s old money families (and possibly a slightly older women, given how young around would have been in 1980). When he no longer needed her money after he hit it big in 1982 he started sleeping around and generally acting like scumbag he is (Charlie would have been conceived around that time), she divorced him and implied that part of the settlement was to stay out of Neptune. So Aaron moved somewhere like La Jolla that was just close enough to Neptune to make her uncomfortable without technically being in Neptune (hence why Logan was able to be in cub scouts with Dick and become friends when they were old enough to attend kindergarten), then when she died he moved back into Neptune proper as a screw you. He also, of course, stole her house keeper, Mrs. Navarro who had been working at her home since 1994."

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"I really loved the first 2 seasons because I believe the Kane’s were basically the creation of this TV show. If Lilly hadn’t died and Veronica and Duncan weren’t in a love predicament, there really wouldn’t be a Veronica Mars. I really wish they would make a movie of Veronica Mars before Lilly was murdered, like before the series was made. I’m always so interested in the flashbacks that happened when Lilly was still alive. And don’t get me wrong; I love Veronica and Logan, But I will always love Veronica and Duncan more. And I think Duncan should have been in the movie in some sort of way as well, being he was such a large part of Veronica’s life at one point. I don’t know, that’s just my unpopular opinion."

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"I never liked Piz and Veronica or Piz really… Nevertheless, I hope he finds happiness. I don’t care what Veronica may have said about loving Piz. Even in the show their relationship only felt like a place holder until she got back with Logan. I hate Piz but I think he deserves better than Veronica. I mean if she really loved Piz she wouldn’t have screwed Logan against a column the night he broke up with her. I want Piz to be happy! Just not with Veronica."

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"It’s frustrating to read all of these confessions about people disappointed in the career paths these characters took (Veronica decided not becoming a lawyer, Mac decided not to work in the Kane Industry, Wallace isn’t an engineer, Logan is in the Navy) just because they didn’t go the way most would have chosen."

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"Surely Logan would still have chosen Veronica since he knew that Lilly had an affair with his dad and with Weevil…"

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"I don’t understand why these girls trading down the guy they were dating. Like, Caitlin dated Chardo, and Carrie dated Sean AFTER Logan."

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"Some people say that Logan’s epic speech in the movie was wrong because he was too drunk to remember in the first place. He remembers. Veronica walked out on him made him sleep with someone else after prom."

Note: He didn’t remember in the morning after.

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"Although I’m a LoVe shipper forever, I actually don’t mind Norris and Veronica."

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"The French dub of the movie was amazing. Most dubs are pretty crappy, but they hired some people who really knew what they were doing. Also most of the characters were very "French" in personality; i.e Veronica, Wallace, Mac, Keith, Logan, Weevil. Also the movie was very much of a film noir."

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I can’t figure out how Logan only met Veronica when she was 12, but Duncan when they were in kindergarten, and Trina who is 7 years older was a Neptune High alum and it drives me crazy to try to make sense of.”

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"Duncan and Veronica went through so much together and stayed away from each other for a long time but through it all they never stopped loving each other no matter what. I doubt Veronica will ever love Logan like she did Duncan; your first love stays with you forever."

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"Those who laughed when Logan showed up with his Navy uniform were mostly guys, because I saw in the theater that some of the male audience laughed, and my boyfriend chuckled too. I guess they don’t believe in dress up to impress and thought the whole thing was a joke."

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