"I wish that we could know what would have happened if Keith hadn’t interrupted Veronica breaking up with Logan in season 2’s flashback. I would have loved to see how she would have handled it by herself."

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"The most recent love triangle angle of Veronica Mars and the descriptions of Piz and Logan have made me hate Piz more than I ever did while watching the show. It’s too bad that this was how they decided to PR the movie instead of using all the other reasons we love Veronica Mars."

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"To the poster who said that he/she wished during the epic speech that Logan was roofied so that would be the excuse why he forgot about the speech: SHAME ON YOU."

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"The whole sex tape in the movie doesn’t make any sense, especially when they’re focused on Piz and Veronica having sex instead of the dorm room. This means Gory Sorokin / The Castle was targeting Piz instead of Wallace. And this means that Veronica was lying to Logan about not having sex with Piz. I DON’T LIKE THIS RETCONS!”

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"After watching the movie and knowing the reason of the fight, I find it a lot better than the PCH´s Gang and the 09er, like everyone has thought. It proved to me, even if you moved away and you haven´t seen your friends a long time ago, they will still stand behind your back, and that Veronica has true friends. Like Logan, Weevil, and Wallace did. Piz´s excuse was stupid and Dick ….well, Dick is Dick!!"

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"It doesn’t matter if you are Team Logan or Team Piz because in the end Veronica isn’t good enough for Piz. She isn’t capable of the pure, sweet, love that he so freely gives. Veronica and Logan were made for one another and we all just need to let Piz get on with his life and be happy."

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"I am a big Logan fan. And no, it is NOT because he has Jason Dohring’s face or that I want him to be my fictional boyfriend. His character development was amazing to watch and he became one of the most interesting (and faulted) characters to grace my TV. Oh, and I love Veronica, Keith, Wallace, Mac and Weevil too. I like my characters with multi-layers thank you very much, not to be boyfriend material."

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"It makes me mad when people forget Logan & V were friends for YEARS before Lilly’s murder."

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"One thing (among a gazillion) I liked a lot about the movie, was how nearing the end you can see Veronica driving Logan’s car after he had already returned to duty. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but for me it felt as though that pair were in for the long haul. Domesticity baby! Loved that little bit, perhaps  a little bit more than I should."

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"I know that there is no chance of this happening with their budget, but I wish that Swift’s “The Way I Loved You” was used in the movie. It describes the whole Piz/Logan thing because the song is about being in the ‘perfect’ relationship but wanting the messy relationship instead. In my head, these lyrics would be playing on the radio: “He can’t see the smile I’m faking, And my heart’s not breaking, Cause I’m not feeling anything at all, And you were wild and crazy, Just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated, got away by some mistake” and Veronica would come to the realization that she wants the “screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, And it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name” relationship back."

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"Don’t get me wrong. I love Logan but I really really would’ve liked to see Rob and Veronica happen a bit more."

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"I believe I can now finally watch Season 3 without that bittersweet feeling I’ve grown to feel every time I’ve rewatched the series. Season 2 finishes in such a high high that starting season 3 for me always felt like a very low low (even though I DO like some episodes, and moments in that season of course). My point is, I’m pretty sure that feeling is gone now, since no matter whom Veronica was with in S3 finale, in the end, LoVe conquers all, and that smile Veronica gave Logan did mean everything we thought it meant all those years ago. LoVe is LoVe, you guys."

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The most heart wrenching scene for me is the one where Logan destroys the sex tapes of Aaron and Lilly. As much as I love LoVe, I’m a big Lilly fan, and it’s always bittersweet to see the remnants of her and Logan’s relationship. As an added bonus, I realized that the music that plays during this scene, Ivy’s “Edge of the Ocean,” is the same song on that radio that Veronica said Lilly loved when she drove Duncan to the hospital after he jumped off the bleachers.”

Note: You can listen to the music HERE

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"I feel like Dax Shepard is Logan in real life."

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I cannot believe how much I adore Logan after I hated him for the first part of season one.  I think the writers knew what they were doing because I don’t normally root for such a jackass.  His character arc was one of the better I’ve ever seen on TV, possibly the best.  There’s a reason there is such a huge Logan following and it’s not because we love Jason or Logan or want him as a boyfriend.  It’s because that is one hell of a character they created.”

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