"I know Rob is a Logan fan. And he said that Logan, Veronica, and Keith are the backbones of the show/movie. But it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t sacrifice Keith or Logan. Keith almost DIED many times. It’s like foreshadowing. It’s very noir if Logan dies, especially defending his country (or maybe protecting Keith/Veronica). And the same thing could happen to Keith."

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"I think that the Logan we find in the movie is, in many ways, a lot like Keith. I think the similarities Keith sees are the parts of himself he doesn’t like very much; his hair-trigger temper when someone treats his loved ones badly (think of Aaron’s trial), his self-esteem issues, even his need to help people that can become very self destructive (a career that  constantly place him in harms and holding onto relationships with people like Lianne and Carrie that can’t escape their own demons."

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"Whenever I see Logan’s convertible driving by in “real life”, I’ve been slightly disappointed. I (irrationally) expect to see a Logan-type driver, but it always seems to be driven by someone more like Dick Casablancas Senior. (If he’d stayed out of prison, and still had lots of money, and was 10 years older)."

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"Based on Jason Dohring’s interview, that he wants Logan and Veronica to be together at the end but not necessarily in a romantic way but in a powerful emotional moment, makes me afraid that he means Logan is dying in Veronica’s arms or vice versa in a possible future scenario."

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"Sometimes people forget that Lizzie was a tragic character like Lilly and Logan. She lived in an abusive household and also a rebel who loved her sisters but couldn’t do anything to get out of the situation. I wonder what happened to her now…"

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"I first watched Veronica Mars was when I was in 6th grade (2007). I was browsing through channels when I came across it. The first scene I saw was S1E02 Credit “Where Credit’s Due”, Paris Hilton was talking. I changed the channel (I’m not a Paris Hilton Fan. Ironic, since they brought her to pick up audience). After going through all the channels, I landed back on BTV (that was the name of the channel). I saw Logan and Veronica banter in class; he taunted her about being there for Duncan and she remarked that she was there for him. I giggled & gave it a try. After that episode I couldn’t wait for it to show every Thursday. Maybe that’s why I was on Team LoVe earlier in the season. I just adored every scene they were in together. And fell in love with the overall show."

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"As much as I love Jason Dohring as Logan, I have very little interest in his career as a whole. He is always and forever Logan Echolls for me, and it is jarring to imagine him in a different role."

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"I am glad that we didn’t see Kendall and Logan deleted sex scenes. But at the same time, I wanted to see the deleted sex scenes. You know what I mean?"

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"I never liked Duncan, ever since the very first episode, there was just this darkness that settled around him that I couldn’t handle. For I, Logan was always the right way to go."

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"Troy was also a cute, charming 09er who ignored the mocking of his friends to hang out with Veronica and gave her a shoulder to cry on when she needed it. I think the fact that Veronica had been fooled once before contributed a lot her reaction to Logan after discovering the cameras in ATttD."

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"Sometimes I read fanfiction about Logan who has to take care of Trina’s kid, or Veronica who has to take care of Hunter, and I just feel really bad for every character… Like Trina abandon her kid, so Logan has to step up - same thing with Veronica and Hunter. I feel bad for the kids, being abandoned like that. I hope this won’t be canon."

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"I am confident that Rob wouldn’t split Logan and Veronica in the future (breaking up). But I am worried that he would kill off Logan especially now he’s in the Navy."

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"Call me cynical, but I don’t believe that Kristen Bell changed her opinion about Logan after all these years when she was vehemently the biggest supporter of Piz and Duncan. Sure, she acknowledges Logan now and probably see what the other fans see about the character. But I don’t believe she just convert like that. I guess it’s more of a fan service and to gain support for the next VMars project. Especially when she STILL says, "Piz treated her better than Logan back then. I was there every episode." And yet she fails to see what happened. It’s a good gesture from her, and I appreciate it. But I don’t believe her."

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"I really hate it in season 3 when Veronica kissed Logan, he wiped the kiss with a napkin. Granted, it was an oily kiss as she just ate. But come on! You ruined the moment for me."

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"I watched in despair as my favorite shows killing off their main characters/love interests such as Aiden in Revenge, Will in The Good Wife, Matthew in Downton Abbey, Jimmy in Boardwalk Empire… I am so so so so so scared that they would kill off Logan."

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