Non-submission. Do you happen to have a link to the deleted scene you referenced in this confession? "Although this scene was never shown in 2x11..."

Are you referring to THIS confession? Unfortunately I don’t have a link or anything. It seems the scene was deleted and cut by the showrunners, and they didn’t include it to DVD or anywhere. But they had plenty or promotional photos of the scene. Alas, no clip.

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“The way Veronica has looked at Logan and the way she looks at you, you know you aren’t going to be the winner.” - Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars

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"When I first read the line in The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, where Veronica first talks to Chad and he asks her ‘Have you ever had a relationship that you knew wasn’t working, couldn’t work, would never work? But you just couldn’t help yourself, because the way it didn’t work was so damn good?’ and Veronica’s inner monologue says ‘Yes, she had that relationship… and now here she was back in it again.’ I immediately thought it referred to Logan and LoVe, which I feel was Rob Thomas’s intention (or at least what we’re supposed to immediately assume). But now re-reading I feel it also applies to other elements in Veronica’s life; her return to PI business, and her return to Neptune. Both things that shouldn’t work, but it’s who she is, and it’s just too damn good and irresistible for her to stop, despite what Keith or anyone else thinks."

Note: Co-author Jennifer Graham explained the passage HERE

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"My head hurt whenever I read fanfic where Logan calls Veronica ‘Sugarpuss’. That’s not her real nickname. ‘Sugarpuss’ was only used for a case (Logan’s case). ‘Bobcat’ however, that’s her real nickname."

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"I can get sort of focused on the details in a fandom I like, but with Veronica Mars, I like to remind myself (and handwave some lack of research) that Veronica doesn’t live in our world. We don’t have a Balboa County in SoCal, Oh Boyo Pollo Chicken restaurants, Hearst-marts or a Randolf Hearst that went to Yale. The USS Harry S. Truman may have its home port in Virginia in our world, but I suspect in the next book Logan will be stationed out of San Diego (and the ship was chosen as a nod to Sheriff Harry S. Truman from Twin Peaks). There have been different books, movies and cultural touch tones. It’s pretty much the only way I can account for some of the differences without it driving my detail driven mind to frustration."

Note: This confession is a response for THIS confession

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"I actually couldn’t tell which one was Logan and which one was Justin back then. I thought Logan was Justin, and I was confused why he was shorter."

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"I love the movie, but it raised a long list of questions in my head. They range from sort of important (What subject does Wallace teach? Is Weevil’s shop competing against his Uncle’s or are they working together?) to… less so (How did Logan know when karaoke night was at a place like the Beachcomber? What is his Call Sign? What Happened to Carrie’s Dog?)."

Note: The ‘The Thousand Dollar Tan Line’ book explains more about Wallace’s teaching subject. Eli’s shop is legit/legal, while his uncle owned a chop shop. The next book, ‘Mr. Kiss and Tell’ will explore more about these characters.

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"Listen, no matter what… Kristen will always choose Piz. She will never change her mind, and she is entitled to her opinion. But at least (now) she understands the dynamic relationship between Logan and Veronica and knows that her character is perfect with Logan. I am just glad that now she can separate her own personal preference with her character.”

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"Sometimes I feel like it needs to be pointed out that the reason Gia and Cobb were able to frame Logan for Carrie’s Murder wasn’t because he was a “bad boy,” it was because they knew that despite Carrie cheating on him, despite their break up and despite the fact that Carrie had yelled at him earlier that very day, if Carrie asked Logan for help he would do the right thing."

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"I don’t think Veronica is a very self-aware character, but I think she think she is. She seems to view herself in a certain way at various stages in her life (sweet sheltered popular girl, street wise outsider, jaded intellectual college student) and try to avoid evidence to the contrary. I think one of the reasons she acted embarrassed of Logan at the start of season 3 was that she loved him, but being the kind of girl who would love a guy who acted like Logan and had his interests didn’t fit who she thought of herself as being."

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"I love the fact that even when Veronica ended up with Leo at the costume party, the promotional photos of the episode were all Logan and Veronica."

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"A lot of people think that Veronica is ashamed of Logan or doesn’t trust him because of the way she acts when he comes to dinner with Keith in season 3. I like to think that she is so much more scared and nervous than she was about Piz or Duncan because she actually cares if Keith likes Logan. He is the one that’s really important to her. I don’t think she would have cared one way or the other if Keith had liked Piz."

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"I don’t know why Logan had to lie about the cost of the plane ticket to Palm Spring to Veronica. Yeah, it cost $500 not $49 (I checked). Why did he lie?"

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"I think Logan told Dick that Veronica dated Leo. Maybe when he was angry when he broke up with Veronica. I thought at first that it was Duncan, but knowing his aloof personality, not to mention his tendency to keep things in secret, Duncan wouldn’t tell Dick about Leo."

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"To address some complaints about Logan/the movie I’ve read lately: Logan does get more screen time. Because he’s the male lead. He does get "more than his share of the angst", because he’s the male lead. He does get more attention, drive more story, gets better writing, because… - Whether you like or dislike the character or couple is irrelevant to his status/hierarchy in the cast."

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