"I think Logan told Dick that Veronica dated Leo. Maybe when he was angry when he broke up with Veronica. I thought at first that it was Duncan, but knowing his aloof personality, not to mention his tendency to keep things in secret, Duncan wouldn’t tell Dick about Leo."

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"I LOVED that they referred the FBI pilot in the scene with Leo. It was also a little weird, though, cause I thought that was canon for so long."

Note: Check out Rob’s funny interaction with some fans and talking about the season four HERE

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"As much as I adored all the Logan/Veronica scenes in the movie, my favourite scene had to be the one with Leo D’Amato. I’m so happy to see that after being made deputy again by Keith, he is successful and still working in law enforcement and the banter between him and Veronica was some of the cutest and most natural dialogue of the whole movie. Plus Leo is still a hottie."

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"When I watched Max Greenfield in the movie, I didn’t feel like I was watching Leo. I feel like I was watching Schmidt. He didn’t mumble at all."

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"After re-watching Ruskie Business, I really started to like Veronica and Leo a lot more. I mean, Logan hired someone to follow her to prevent her from being raped, which is smart of him. Leo really defended Veronica however he could. Knowing she was upset at the dance, he comforted her. He took her around to meet his friends in his band, and he’s just a good person. I liked their romance. I hope Leo keeps being awesome like that in the movie… until you find out he’s the killer."

Note: In this episode, Logan hired Veronica to look for his mom (he hired a bodyguard in season 3). Leo didn’t take Veronica to meet his friends after the dance (that was in episode Silence of The Lamb)

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Plot twist. She doesn’t leave Piz for Logan, but for…. *drum rolls* LEO!”

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Veronica Mars Behind The Scene: Season 2

(Japanese Subtitles) 



Kristen Bell talks about behind the scene. James Jordan is in love with KB. Max Greenfield & Enrico are hilarious.

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I don’t see how Veronica could have believed that Leo was stalking Gia. She should have guessed it had something to do with security detail.”

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Happy Birthday Max Greenfield!


Born: September 4, 1980 (age 33), Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States

Wishing a happy birthday to our own Deputy slash Detective Leo, Max Greenfield! Many happy returns. You can all tweet him a happy birthday to his twitter HERE 

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"I really hate it when new fans refer to Leo as Deputy Schmidt."

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“I know a lot of people can’t like Piz for pursuing Veronica while she was with Logan, but I can’t like Logan for doing the exact same thing when she was with Leo!”

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It’s not his birthday.

(Though Leo is, coincidentally enough, a Leo.)

During the original series, Deputy Leo – like Vinnie Van Lowe and Dick Casablancas – was only supposed to be a one-time guest star, but when the writing staff discovered someone they wanted to write for, we found reasons to bring that actor back.

We brought Max back a lot.

Now, in one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, I’m pleased to confirm that Max Greenfield will be reprising his role as Leo D’Amato in Veronica Mars.

When I first reached out to Max about being in the movie, he said he’d do the movie for free and pay for his own travel. This is only one of the many reasons I love Max. It’s also why actors have agents. (Don’t worry, SAG! We are paying Max!)

He joined us on set yesterday. Before he got started, he recorded this for you.

Please join me in welcoming Max back for the film in the comments, on our backers website, or on Twitter, where he posts as @IAmGreenfield.


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Of all her boyfriends Leo was Veronica’s best, I always hoped they’d find a way to bring him back because he treated her better than any of her relationships. He never stopped caring about her, even after she hurt him more than once. I hope they  find a way to show that in the movie. I always imagined (and hoped) they might end up together.”

Note: I’m sorry I didn’t use your pic. You sent me a dead link so I had to use a different pic. I hope it’s okay.

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It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize why Deputy Leo’s name was so clever. One day I was in a work training session when the topic of L.E.O.’s came up. I gasped really loudly and started laughing. My coworkers thought I was crazy and I felt like an idiot.”

Note: L.E.O stands for Law Enforcement Officer

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Leo was Veronica’s hottest boyfriend. Hands down.”

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