I’d have preferred Parker being in the movie rather than Piz.”

59 notes

I wish that Parker had gone back with her parents to Denver. I feel like her character didn’t have any chemistry with the rest of the characters. Maybe if they had fleshed out her character more the way they did with Jackie I would have liked her better. In the show she is just flat and boring.”

64 notes

I don’t completely agree with her being portrayed as unsympathetic because she did generally feel really guilty about Parker’s rape and she vowed to solve the case and tried to be friends with Parker and get her to stop being so hostile towards her because she could relate to what she was going through.”

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After watching and re-watching this show since it started, I am 100% convinced Rob Thomas has a blonde girl fetish of some kind. The only girls that were featured heavily that weren’t blonde were Mac, Kendall, and Jackie. All the blondes I can think of that made some kind of impact in the series off the top of my head: Veronica, Lianne, Parker, Lilly, Madison, Hannah, Jane, Meg, and Molly. Serious blonde girl fetish.”

Note: Fun fact - Kendall was supposed to be played by Heather Graham and Trina was supposed to be played by Tara Reid. When they weren’t available, Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan took the roles, respectively.

40 notes

"One thing I liked about episode 318 is the parallel between Veronica’s and Logan’s relationships at the time. How Logan planned his trip to South America and it never hit him it could bother Parker, and the same with Veronica and her internship. She couldn’t care less it was in Virginia and away from Piz, while of course he did care just as Parker did with Logan. I’m thinking it would have been different if LoVe was still together."

42 notes

"Parker was really annoying at the bowling alley with all the yelling."

15 notes

"I always kind of loved that moment when Logan races down the beach after Parker to the beautiful strains of Pela and turns back, shirt open, to jokingly yell at Bronson, "So, you can’t swim, huh?" It seemed like one of the first times he had any carefree fun with friends in a really, really long time."

25 notes

"Rewatching the third season I realized that Veronica was jealous when Parker asked for Piz, and it really pissed me off more than the fact that Piz was into her."

7 notes

I laughed way too hard at the scene in the episode “Mars, Bars” when Parker says bye to Logan after that Valentine’s hunt and he starts walking away and accidentally wrap his jacket around his head.”

13 notes

I know it can’t be and they’re not my OTP but I’d wish Weevil’s wife was Parker. They sure never met or heard about each other in Hearst.  They are both sweet and not proud of what they did/were in their past. They have serious trust issues with his grandma/her parents. She hasn’t a character as strong as Lilly’s or Veronica’s but she’s funny, honest and grown. I really think they could find peace and happiness together. He’d help her to bring back her self-confidence & she’d help him to repent totally. Because she just needs a charismatic protector like him in her life, and he’s impatient & resentful when she’s definitely not. And well, it’d be interesting for this parallel between Logan & Weevil in the show.”

16 notes

"I don’t know what all the Piz hate is about. He didn’t break Logan and Veronica up. Logan did that all on his own. He had feelings for her, yes, but he was not a home-wrecker. I loved the bowling scene in Season 3-Piz made a comment about her shirt that showed they were on the same page and had similar sense of humor. Also when Parker asked “What’s the deal with Piz” and Veronica answered “Nothing, I’ve got a boyfriend” that showed that Veronica felt a little spark there too. So it wasn’t just Piz that felt something. I loved Piz and Veronica the entirety of season 3 (even before they got together officially)."

52 notes

"I know Parker won’t be in the movie, but I hope they’d mention her in some way. After all, she was a main character and part of the show too!"

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I’m team LoVe all the way, but i must admit, i really liked Parker for Logan. She was cool and nice, and it was nice to see Logan laugh and be healthy again. It’s just too bad Logan didn’t meet her first.”

8 notes

"Everyone keep saying that Piz is with Veronica in the movie. Anyone ever think that MAYBE he’s with Parker now?"

10 notes

I genuinely want to see Veronica forgive Madison in the movie, at least in her own head. This isn’t because I particularly like Madison, but because I feel their situation is best encapsulated by Veronica’s own line to Parker about whether she wanted to see the actual culprit punished re: the Hearst rapist or just wanted someone’s head nailed to the wall for the sake of nailing one to the wall. The two situations are similar in the sense that Trish and the rest were displacing their anger onto the frat culture that they felt created the atmosphere in which the rapist could thrive (something that Veronica personally reacted to and rejected), while Veronica displaces her anger onto Madison, who is equally symbolic rather than personally responsible. It was easier for Veronica that way perhaps than dealing with the culpability of almost everyone in the party, considering they were all involved in some way. Forgiving Madison (for something she clearly didn’t intentionally do) would be one of the steps in moving on FOR Veronica, and I really want to see that.”

Note: I think you meant Nish not Trish. Trish was Piz’s boss at the radio station. Nish was involved with the Lilith House.

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