"I wonder whether Trina is going to appear in the next book. It seems weird that she just disappear from the VMars universe."

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"I am truly truly disappointed that they didn’t mention Trina at all in the movie. I can understand that they didn’t show her, but they could at the very least referenced her or something? "My sister Trina thinks I’m guilty and she doesn’t wanna talk to me." A line like that would establish that Logan has a sister."

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I wish that in these past nine years Logan has found a family. He pretty much lost everyone, then Veronica became home for him and then she was gone too. I hope he connected with his half brother Charlie or with Trina or even not a relative, just someone who is there for him. The guy really needs (and deserves) someone whom he can rely on, a support, a home.”

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"I seriously hate Trina. I just couldn’t believe it when she taunted Logan about his dead mother and Logan’s abuse. She seemed happy that Lynn was dead. And yet, he still wanted to help her from her abusive boyfriend. She didn’t deserve his help."

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"Hey Pops, hope I’m interrupting." is the reason I’ll always love Trina Echolls, and wish we saw more of her."

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"I think I like the idea if it’s Trina who died in the movie. I know Logan hates her, but it would be a huge impact for him and the audience especially this mean that he doesn’t have any family left and he’s the main suspect of the murder. A random dead girlfriend for the audience seems to be meh."

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Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan - 24. March 

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"I can’t believe that they never mentioned Trina again in season 3. It was like she disappeared. I know the actress wasn’t available at the time, but it wouldn’t hurt to mention her or something. After all, she was part of Logan’s life too no matter how painful it was."

Note: The show wanted to introduce Charlie; Logan’s half brother.

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"Unpopular opinion: I actually prefer Tara Reid to be cast as Trina instead of Alyson Hannigan. I mean, I don’t know. Although Alyson is more talented actress, but I think she was miscast as this spoiled rich brat celebrity. Tara Reid seems have more… verisimilitude."

Note: Tara Reid was considered to play Trina Echolls. Joel Silver suggested her for the role, but Rob Thomas was against it and they had an argument about it. They finally decided to cast Alyson Hannigan as Trina Echolls. The writers then mentioned Tara Reid in two episodes as a jab to the producers.

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I’m convinced Jason Dohring was the missing link between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars. I mean, Willow was his older sister (“Trina Echolls”, portrayed by Alyson Hannigan), he was screwing around with Cordelia (“Kendall Casablancas”, portrayed by Charisma Carpenter) and he interacted with the Slayer herself on Ringer, as Adam Carpenter.”

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"I know this is strange, but Trina reminds me of Judy Funnie."

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When I first watched the series, I couldn’t stand Trina. I thought she was such a horrible bitch. Now that I’m a HUGE fan of Alyson Hannigan, who plays Trina, I can’t take Trina’s character seriously. All I see when I look at her is Willow Rosenberg/Lily Aldrin. It kind of ruined the character for me a little bit.”

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Even though Aaron was a terrible human being, I love watching him beat the crap out of Trina’s sleazy boyfriend. The choice of background music makes me giggle.”

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