"I like Bronson. Maybe because he’s willing to break the law as an animal activist. That makes him pretty interesting."

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"I didn’t really care about Bronson in one way or the other. I didn’t hate him, but I didn’t care about him either. He was nice with Mac, but I really didn’t see any sparks with them."

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"I don’t understand why Mac said to Bronson that she wanted to see how the morning hike was like. Her family always taking her to camping!"

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"I always kind of loved that moment when Logan races down the beach after Parker to the beautiful strains of Pela and turns back, shirt open, to jokingly yell at Bronson, "So, you can’t swim, huh?" It seemed like one of the first times he had any carefree fun with friends in a really, really long time."

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When I watched series 3 for the first time, I honestly thought that Mac and Piz would end up together… thus giving Mac a nice, normal boyfriend and keeping the LoVe fans happy. That being said, I did think that Mac and Bronson were awesome together.”

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"I don’t like how often it seemed that people were just able to drop whatever relationships they were in to move on to another. Not only for whoever it is they broke up with, but I just don’t know how someone could feel okay doing that, even if you didn’t love that person. Like Mac moves quickly from Bronson to Max, or Wallace does the same from Jane to Jackie."

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I feel like they sometimes tried too hard with finding “different names”. Maybe they were going for ‘original' but Stosh a.k.a Piz? Really? It just feels like they were trying to hard to be 'original' or 'creative'; see also Weevil, Mercer, Bronson, Duncan, Dick, Celeste, etc.”

Note: The name ‘Piz’ is a tribute to Mark Piznarski, a film director who directed first two episodes of VM in season 1. The name Duncan and Parker are tributes to Tim Duncan and Tony Parker from Spurs. The name Dick Casablancas came from the writers when they didn’t know what to call Dick at the time - because he behaved like a dick, they called him ‘Dick’ instead; Casablancas was added for the noir purpose. Many other names are either tributes/homages of something, or based on their friends/relatives’ names.

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"I wish the order of Mac’s third season boyfriends had been different. Her & Max made sense as they were both bonded by their smarts, but then they could have broken up (because of Max letting himself get expelled, maybe?) and that’s when she could have found nice guy Bronson. Once again, however, did the show feel the need to place two similar people together. Veronica has to be with Logan because he’s sarcastic like her! Mac has to be with someone who also loves Computers! Ugh…"

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I’ll always be bitter that the third season never took the time to flesh out Mac and Dick’s emotions over Cassidy’s death. Having Veronica move on so quickly made sense, but Mac and Dick were also part of the main cast. I firmly believe that the first few episodes should have focused on his loss in a big way through those characters’ eyes. Sure, Dick broke down in front of Logan and later his father, so that’s something, but Mac had nothing, other than some awkwardness with Bronson.”

Note: There were deleted scenes regarding Mac being depressed and paranoid with every guy who approached her. She accused a guy harassing her, which he didn’t. She then seeing every guy as dangerous, and Wallace realized that Mac was not well and maybe a little bit crazy. They eventually dropped the storyline.

You can view the deleted scenes HERE

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I know season 3 is a lot worse than the first two seasons, but I think if you keep that in mind it isn’t worth completely writing off. We get to actually see Logan and Veronica interact as a couple (even if they break up, in the other seasons they were never officially, openly together except in a flashback) and it’s a pretty good season for Mac.”

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"As much I really liked Logan hanging out outside his circle, but the treasure hunter storyline was the most BORING plot I’ve ever watched."

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