Thank you so much, marshmallows! I really appreciate it! And the numbers hit precisely during the announcement of Fandom Awards. We won! Thank you for the votes!

The blog will be back August 1st.

In the mean time, the ASK and SUBMIT buttons are now open. Feel free to send your confessions. But PLEASE PLEASE read the Guidelines first. IMPORTANT that you do. I will know whether you read it or not.

Also follow Rob Thomas Book Club for more stuff about Rob Thomas, books such as the Veronica Mars books series, Rats Saw God, show iZombie, and many more!



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That’s it guys, no more confessions! This blog is taking a break for a while. The blog will be back, but in the mean time I won’t be taking any submissions.

During the hiatus, you can check out the TOP CONFESSIONS and also read the CAST & CHARACTERS submissions.

Confessions about the movie are HERE

Confessions about the books are HERE

Want more? Click the tags and explore everything!

Don’t forget to read the GUIDELINES and FAQ, everyone!

You can follow the blog’s twitter @VMarsConfession

I’ll see you later, marshmallows! Toodles!


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Updates: Regarding Fanfiction, Old Confessions, Q&A, Tumblr ask, and Retcon confession

Dear marshmallows,

1. I have so many people submitting their confessions regarding the retcons in the movie, most of them are repetitive, so I decided not to post them anymore. The confessions are pretty similar, so I really won’t bother to post the same thing over and over again (at least for a few months).

I just want to say this: We really don’t know Veronica’s life before high school. But it’s been established and canon that Veronica was 16 when Lilly was murdered, 17 at the start of the show, was 18 at the second season, and was 19 when she received her PI license. Rob was interviewed that he wanted Veronica to be at a closer age with Lilly but still in the same year with Duncan. In the movie however, her age was reduced (until fans pointed that out, and the Badge fixed the info). I don’t know the reason of the retcons, so please ask theveronicamarsmovie or Rob Thomas’ twitter directly. I really hope we can move on from this subject. Thanks!

2. People asked me about the confessions they’re submitted - why they haven’t been posted yet. I want to say that I receive SO MANY submissions everyday. Even with the queue schedule, the submissions are abundant. Please be patience. Ever since the movie and the book, the amount of submissions have tripled. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Many people asked me how to read the old confessions. I suggest everyone should access the blog via computer/tablet/laptop instead via phone. I explained the whole thing in details HERE and HERE, check them out.

4. I also received many many requests about fanfiction. Some were asking which fanfiction should they read, some even submitted their fanfiction here to this blog. Unfortunately, I really can’t post your fanfiction here, I made it clear on the FAQ. If you want to submit/read/ask about fanfiction, you can check out vmficrecs blog instead.

5. A lot of people sent their submission to my PM button. Please send your submission to the SUBMIT button so I can keep track with your confessions.


Thanks for your attention!


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Non Submission - Hi I was wondering if you could post this on you blog, I really want to buy the new Veronica Mars book on my Kindle but its not available, but it could be if enough interest is shown : ) All someone needs to do is click the little link under the book image that says I’d like to read this book on Kindle. Here’s the link. : ) x



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LoVe vs Pizonica Confessions

I am lifting the banning of LoVe vs Pizonica confessions, since some of the plots of the movie are focusing on them too. But PLEASE, try to read the previous submissions first before you submit anything so you don’t get repetitive confessions. Try to disparate the confession into something unique and different, even though that the theme is the same. But this rule is a trial only. We’ll see for the long run.



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Holy crapola! Oh my God, you guys are amazing! THANK YOU so much, I really appreciate it! Two weeks ago I was posting about the 6666 followers, and look at this! I can’t believe it!

To those who are wondering why I haven’t post any new confession and answering questions — this blog is still in hiatus. The blog will open again around 10th-13th of April; a month after the movie and the book. Feel free to send me your submissions about the movie and the book, and I will immediately put them in the queue. Questions will be answered (as long you’re following the guidelines) after the blog is open for business.

You can check out Rob Thomas Book Club and Party Down Confessions in the mean time — follow the discussions about other Rob Thomas’ show and books.


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Volcano Outing (Blog Update) Spring Break

Hello, marshmallows!

I know I was supposed to climb a volcano mountain for my birthday tomorrow, but apparently the volcano’s status just changed to yellow alert so I had to cancelled the plan. Which maybe it’s a blessing for me. Anyway, I just want to let you know the blog is still in hiatus until next month, but I’ve received so many confessions and I already put them in the queue. So, thank you.

You can submit your confessions HERE — tell me what do you think about the movie? What do you think about the book? Was it everything you hoped for? Was it disappointing? Was it shocking? Was it okay? Was it bad? What was your experience watching the movie? What did you feel when you read the book? Let me know.

Don’t forget to read the GUIDELINES first before submitting. This is IMPORTANT.

Check out the movie THEORIES that you submitted before. Did any of your predictions came true? Were you wrong? Were you right?

While this blog is in hiatus, you can go and check out the Rob Thomas Book Club! Check out the reviews of Rob Thomas’ books such as The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Rats Saw God, and read/listen to some excerpts from the books.



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6666 Followers! (March 13th)

Heeheeee, thank you so much marshmallows! I really appreciate it!

The ASK and SUBMIT buttons are now open. Feel free to send me your confessions! Don’t forget to read the Guidelines and the Ask rule first! Important that you do. And also don’t forget to read the announcement too - I will post your confessions next month to avoid spoilers. Thanks!



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VERONICA MARS MOVIE (Moderator Confession)

This is it, marshmallows. The day has finally come. After long suffering years, we finally have our movie… I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit emotional right now.

Confession time: I watched the show first time when it was aired on UPN. I was in my mid-20s when I received a news that my father was dying and in a coma. I flew back to my home and spent roughly three months taking care of him. When he died, it was the most devastating thing that ever happened to me but I didn’t cry, strangely. I was numb and contemplating something that I really hate to admit. To distract myself, I watched the show and I remember when I watched the season finale of the first season, the scene where Keith Mars walked into the fire and saved Veronica, made me cry. It was at that moment that I realized that the show was and still is special. The show taught me that no matter what, you still need to keep forward and never give up. Life is not perfect and you will fucked up once and a while - but it doesn’t mean that you should surrender. I think a lot of marshmallows connected with the show because one of those reasons. And I am glad that we have shared these feelings for a decade. I am glad that we, as a fandom, never gave up with positive thinking and sending good vibes to the universe. The movie is not just a movie - but a reminder that life is not easy but we shouldn’t give up. I am so proud of you, marshmallows. We did it. We got our movie. It’s a testament to our tenacity.

Thank you, Rob Thomas - for creating an unforgettable universe and your hard work. It’s an attestation for your own amazing writing, and how much people appreciate what you have done. Thank you Kristen Bell, and the rest of the amazing cast, who have given a really powerful and good performance, translating Rob’s words into action, and entertained us over and over again. On behalf of the fandom, we thank you for all of your hard work.

I will see you next month, Marshmallows. Enjoy the movie, and thank the lucky stars that everything (although is not perfect) is aligned. Thanks to all the followers of this blog for sending confessions for years. Thank you for the original moderator for creating this blog and letting me take over the reign. Thank you theveronicamarsmovie​ for interacting with the fans. We have our ups and down; it’s been an emotional journey for us, for everyone, and it doesn’t mean this is over. It means it still continues, and we’ll be ready for things to come, and we will still be marshmallows forever. Thank you, everyone!


For endings, as it is known, are where we begin.” :)

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Hiatus Plan

This is it, marshmallows! We’re going to see the movie in less than 2 weeks. Don’t you just want to claw your face and pull your hair in excitement? (I’m kidding, don’t do that).

I’m just going to make a quick announcement that this blog will take a month hiatus around March 8th or 10th-ish to give the fans a chance to prepare, watch, and savor the movie. Whether you’re going to watch it at the theaters, at home, at the road, everywhere, just remember — please don’t spoil the movie.

As for this first month, I won’t accept anymore movie theory confessions. However, those who already submitted movie theories, your confessions are already in the queue. You can always check out the movie theories HERE — see whether your predictions actually came true.

You can still submit your confessions about the show, and you can even submit your confessions about the movie but they will be posted next month.

On personal note, my birthday is March 27th. So on my birthday, I’m probably going to climb a volcano mountain (no joke) with my environmental group. Unfortunately, the status of this volcano mountain is rather uncertain - it might erupt at anytime - but don’t worry, I won’t endangered myself! I have to go back and moderating this blog.

I just want to tell you during those times, I might not be able to answer your questions.

So, have fun marshmallows! This is it!


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Hey, marshmallows! I want to promote a Veronica Mars DeviantART group which I’m a moderator too. Feel free to submit your artworks and fanarts there. I know there are so many talented artists on tumblr and deviantart and many more. This place is for you and for your Veronica Mars artworks. You can submit your drawings, paintings, sketches, poetry, fanfiction, wallpaper, anything. Any characters. Any cast from VM. Feel free to join! Or if you just want to check out the amazing talented artists and their works, feel free to look around!

The group is founded 3 years ago and now is a place of Veronica Mars artworks collection. Click the link to see.

You can also check out the ARTWORK section in this blog. If you want to see some GIFS, videos, and stuff, click here. This blog is still about Confessions - but sometimes I post those things when they’re related to the confession or some news.

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Dear Marshmallows,

I just want to say thank you for voting for our own little fandom. We finally make everyone take a notice. I really can’t believe it… 40 millions votes! Thank you for your dedication and your tenacity. I am so proud of you. We have the best fandom ever. You are amazing. And I have nothing more to say except…….. CELEBRATE! With Kool & The Gang! Wahoo!

Note: We’ll be back to our regular confessions schedule soon! But now it’s time for us to celebrate. Everyone around the world, come on!

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Vote For Veronica Mars; Let’s Bring This Baby To The Final

I am proud that we’re managed to be in the semi finals with an amazing fandom. The goal is to have everyone who never heard about our own little show and little movie, to take notice. We’re always the underdog. We’ve been through a lot this past decade -  and we’re stick together no matter what. Ten years, marshmallows!

We sent chocolate bars, hired a plane, bought the merchandise, tattooed ourselves, dived under the sea, donated to the kickstarter + donated $5Million and we finally get our movie… Not bad, people. Not bad :)

It’s time for us to spread our wings. We may not as big as other fandom. We may not use social media like other fandom. We are old school and we will get recognized. Vote for VERONICA MARS and bring us home to the final, marshmallows. We can do anything if we work together!

Few more hours, Pirates! Ahoy!


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Veronica Mars Click-A-Thon

Dear Marshmallows,

NeptuneRising is having another click-a-thon to vote Veronica Mars for MTVBrawl tonight around 6PM PST / 9PM EST (USA). Other countries can check their timezone. Let’s click and vote together in an old fashion way, which is clicking the voting button until our hands bleed (No, don’t. Seriously, no - I’m joshing).

Show our Pirate Pride (Ahoy! Ahoy!) and join us. Vote HERE for theveronicamarsmovie !

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Vote for Veronica Mars, Marshmallows

The last 24 hours will be hard as hell, marshmallow troops. We have exactly one day to bring our little brave fandom to the finals. Whatever the result is, you have proven yourself that you are dedicated, hard ass, soft in the middle and never give up. And for that, as a marshmallow myself, I thank you. It’s time to put our differences aside and vote until our fingers break and we draw some bloods in our knuckles. So far, we are dwindling down with the percentage. No matter —  why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. We will go the distance. Marshmallows don’t give up. Marshmallows are underdogs for a decade. But we have proven everyone time and time again that we are capable to do more and better.

Let’s do this and vote for theveronicamarsmovie ! Vote HERE

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