"My head hurt whenever I read fanfic where Logan calls Veronica ‘Sugarpuss’. That’s not her real nickname. ‘Sugarpuss’ was only used for a case (Logan’s case). ‘Bobcat’ however, that’s her real nickname."

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"People are complaining about the new web series because they want a real new series. As much I agree with that assessment, I am happy that we got a movie, books, and an online series. It’s Christmas!”

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"I’m pretty worried about the premise of the second book, Mr. Kiss and Tell. It’s about sexual assault and it seems to have a tie-in with season 3. And we all know how much everyone hate season 3 fake-rape plot. I understand this whole thing is a noir piece, and I understand, it’s how the world work, and the book is basically exposing that world. But I’m still worried."

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"Listen, no matter what… Kristen will always choose Piz. She will never change her mind, and she is entitled to her opinion. But at least (now) she understands the dynamic relationship between Logan and Veronica and knows that her character is perfect with Logan. I am just glad that now she can separate her own personal preference with her character.”

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"I believe that many people who are surprised with the premise of ‘Play It Again, Dick’ have never seen ‘Party Down’ at all. Party Down was a brilliant show, basically Veronica Mars on acid."

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"I feel like Veronica Mars (the show) was like lightning in a bottle. There’s nothing like that anymore. That magic, there’s no more."

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"I don’t think Veronica is a very self-aware character, but I think she think she is. She seems to view herself in a certain way at various stages in her life (sweet sheltered popular girl, street wise outsider, jaded intellectual college student) and try to avoid evidence to the contrary. I think one of the reasons she acted embarrassed of Logan at the start of season 3 was that she loved him, but being the kind of girl who would love a guy who acted like Logan and had his interests didn’t fit who she thought of herself as being."

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"Veronica seriously needs to learn how to defend herself. I totally agree with Keith that she needs to carry at least a gun, not just a taser. Or AT LEAST learn some self-defense martial arts. She went to a mob house (The Gutierrez mansion) without any backup was reckless."

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"I love the fact that even when Veronica ended up with Leo at the costume party, the promotional photos of the episode were all Logan and Veronica."

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"The only complaint I have about season three, is that we didn’t really see much of Wallace and Veronica’s friendship. Like season one and two Veronica and Wallace were basically inseparable and I fell madly in love with their friendship. So in season three we barely saw that friendship at all. Overall, I like season three a lot, but because of that big problem for me, it’s probably my least favorite season!"

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"A lot of people think that Veronica is ashamed of Logan or doesn’t trust him because of the way she acts when he comes to dinner with Keith in season 3. I like to think that she is so much more scared and nervous than she was about Piz or Duncan because she actually cares if Keith likes Logan. He is the one that’s really important to her. I don’t think she would have cared one way or the other if Keith had liked Piz."

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"I don’t know why Logan had to lie about the cost of the plane ticket to Palm Spring to Veronica. Yeah, it cost $500 not $49 (I checked). Why did he lie?"

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"I really need Veronica and Piz to get back together in the next book. I feel like Logan is just going to hurt her again, and Piz is so nice and respectable!"

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