"I know there is a varying opinions on the Veronica and Piz relationship, some hate it and some love it, I never really felt like it had depth. I didn’t see strong chemistry and the writers didn’t give any strong indications that she was truly smitten with Piz or that she really loved him. He just felt like an easy choice for her rebound. At times to me, Veronica seemed bored with Piz, and as though the simplicity of their relationship wasn’t what she was looking for. Yes, her and Logan had a complex and at times unhealthy relationship, but it felt real. It was believable for me. Some relationships are incredibly intense. That’s just what I saw."

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"While I didn’t find Piz as terribly annoying in the movie as I did during Season 3, there were a few times he did make me grit my teeth and want to punch him. Exhibit A: When he stopped Veronica from doing her rendition on Ira! Like come on, when he stopped her it was as though he was embarrassed by her and her sense of humor. Also, when Veronica joked about their “calm love-making” to her father, FUNNY STUFF, yet of course Piz didn’t think so and tried to make her stop. His passive-aggressiveness though not as bad as it could be, still bothered me a bit during the movie."

44 notes

"I just noticed that in all the seasons of Veronica Mars, we never see someone smoke.. It’s weird because the show talks about students, so logically it should be some people who smoke no ??"

Note: In USA, there’s a rule of not showing people smoking in national television - especially when the show is aimed to teenagers. TV Cables, however, is permitted.

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"Veronica Mars, Season 2 Episode 22, “Not Pictured” (The whole roof sceen front to back). This is one of my favorite episodes because of this (extended) scene. Everything is so real in these moments. Veronica is so vulnerable, so relatable. And she calls for Logan to help her. And he comes, and tries to save her life at the risk of his own. That’s what’s so great about LoVe. They’re always there for each other, always saving each other—even if/when they’re not together."

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"The Music in the movie was so good. As a LoVe fan, I personally loved “Second Chances” during the last LoVe scene, but of course “Prosthetic Love” takes all the awards during the reconciliation scene. It’s such a good song, and fitted the moment in my opinion extremely well."

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"I’m so sick of seeing all the love triangle stuff.  Veronica Mars is about so much more than that and seeing all this shipping with these guys (neither of whom seem to belong with Veronica anyway) is embarrassing.  The constant LoVe and Pizonica or whatever stuff makes us look just as bad as the twihards."

55 notes

"I loved the last LoVe scene in the movie (aka too-perfect-for-words Silhouette scene) -I give it a little to the Marshmallows that say it was a bit cheesy, BUT, I still loved it to pieces. Besides, I think if Rob Thomas didn’t choose a different love speech but the EPIC one, it had to do a lot with the fans. MOST VM fans LOVE that speech (despite the drunkenness and later, forgetfulness of it) so IMO, that was just RT trying to make us happy — AGAIN. Also, words aside, what made that scene for me were those two dorks loving each other in that scene like nobody’s business. Holy cow, the looks were SO perfect, and the KISS, and the way Veronica was holding onto Logan and Logan held her back, it was just beautiful. The very moment before the kiss when Veronica looks at Logan all misty eye and tells him to come back to her, yeah…turned me to goo. Too perfect for words. So yes, all in all, LOVED the scene!!"

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"To those critics who are complaining that the movie and the book are fan service (just for fans) … Well whom they should make the movie and write the book for?! The non fans who don’t appreciate the history and the characters and DIDN’T EVEN watch the TV show?!"

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"I don’t like how Veronica Mars just joined Tumblr. It’s a little bit too late in my opinion. They had like two years to join and keep the fans at bay. I mean, they joined Facebook first, for crying out loud. I am glad they didn’t re-joined MySpace!"

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"Everyone said that Keith is Piz or Duncan in the love triangle scenario; that Lianne will always love Jake Kane just like Veronica will always love Logan. I disagree with that notion. I always thought that Keith = Logan; with his protective streaks, his snarks, his sense of vigilance… Jake Kane mostly sits idly by just like Duncan or Piz; he will ignore problems until they go away or let others solve them without making his hands dirty."

60 notes

Trigger Warning: “It really bothers me in “A Trip to the Dentist” when Veronica tells Logan that she “wasn’t raped” after she finds out she was with Duncan. Veronica was incapable of truly giving consent at the party no matter who it was. I know the situation was complicated but that doesn’t mean Veronica wasn’t raped.”

61 notes

Rewatching Season 2 it makes me sad how Veronica starts off calling Cassidy, “Cassidy”, then slowly transitions to “Beaver-I mean Cassidy, sorry” until the finale where she only calls him “Beaver”. It makes his line “MY NAME IS CASSIDY!” even more heartbreaking.”

101 notes

"I was not expecting very much from this movie and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong this movie has its flaws. The plot while not bad is fairly predictable for anyone who has spent time watching police procedural shows."

22 notes

"Call me shallow, but I’m so proud of Logan for learning how to dress."

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"The movie is everything that fans could have expected from Veronica Mars; the dialogues, the interaction between Veronica and Keith, the main mystery and of course the love angle between Veronica and Logan."

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