"I admire people who sent their confessions and having meta discussions in this blog. It makes me understand more about the characters."

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"Whenever I think of my favorite female character in television; Veronica’s the first to mind. Badass, righteous, witty, sassy, and just plain sweet; nobody can beat this marshmallow."

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It’s just kinda sad that for all of Mac and Veronica’s brilliance, they’re struggling and living paycheck-to-paycheck. I think we all just want Veronica to be successful, like she deserves.”

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"My friend recommended this show, and I tried to watch it. But I just cannot finish it. I think the show is boring. I am more used with shows like CSI and Law & Order where they solve the mystery in one episode. This whole season arc is too long for me.”

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"The fact that it wasn’t Veronica’s red pillow that Logan was stroking kinda shattered my headcanon into a million pieces’"

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"I find it disturbing that people are forgetting that it was Aaron Echolls who said, "It’s a very powerful thing when someone sees you as the person you wish you were" and using that quote like it was Veronica who said it."

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"I really loved the first 2 seasons because I believe the Kane’s were basically the creation of this TV show. If Lilly hadn’t died and Veronica and Duncan weren’t in a love predicament, there really wouldn’t be a Veronica Mars. I really wish they would make a movie of Veronica Mars before Lilly was murdered, like before the series was made. I’m always so interested in the flashbacks that happened when Lilly was still alive. And don’t get me wrong; I love Veronica and Logan, But I will always love Veronica and Duncan more. And I think Duncan should have been in the movie in some sort of way as well, being he was such a large part of Veronica’s life at one point. I don’t know, that’s just my unpopular opinion."

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"I don’t like noir. I’m the minority here because I like regular drama like most of CW shows. I like shows like One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. I like season 3 Veronica Mars. It seems nowadays people like True Detective and edgy noir shows on HBO. I don’t like that kind of show. I like family show, and I think Veronica Mars should change direction into more family friendly. I like the romance aspect of the show. What’s wrong with that?"

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"The movie left me wanting MORE! And then the book just added to the feeling. Does anyone think there will ever be another movie or tv series for us? Or do you think realistically the last movie is all we will get? I know I need to be grateful, because most tv shows that get canceled don’t get that.. but I can’t help myself. I want more!!’

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"I am a bit let down when Veronica said in the movie that as she left town, THE NEW HER, as people would think of her, is a marshmallow…. But she’s always been a marshmallow from the very beginning. That’s why Wallace said it in the pilot, not when she left Neptune."

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"Even though I loved the show, I’m glad they cancelled it. Because if they went along with season 4 as the FBI thing, I would have been mad. The whole FBI thing isn’t Veronica Mars; it’s a whole different show."

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"This show/movie is so hard to promote. If I say "Veronica Mars", either people think it’s a sci-fi or a chick-flick and they will give me a ‘judging look’ which makes me want to defend myself and I feel angry that they judge a good show without even watch it first."

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"Veronica just makes me feel better that I’m an outsider. She embraced it and kicked ass. And that’s what I do."

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"It’s frustrating to read all of these confessions about people disappointed in the career paths these characters took (Veronica decided not becoming a lawyer, Mac decided not to work in the Kane Industry, Wallace isn’t an engineer, Logan is in the Navy) just because they didn’t go the way most would have chosen."

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