"When I re-watch Ruskie Business, I tend to talk to the screen like it’s a scary movie during the dance: “No Veronica! Don’t give Meg the flower!””

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"I first watched Veronica Mars was when I was in 6th grade (2007). I was browsing through channels when I came across it. The first scene I saw was S1E02 Credit “Where Credit’s Due”, Paris Hilton was talking. I changed the channel (I’m not a Paris Hilton Fan. Ironic, since they brought her to pick up audience). After going through all the channels, I landed back on BTV (that was the name of the channel). I saw Logan and Veronica banter in class; he taunted her about being there for Duncan and she remarked that she was there for him. I giggled & gave it a try. After that episode I couldn’t wait for it to show every Thursday. Maybe that’s why I was on Team LoVe earlier in the season. I just adored every scene they were in together. And fell in love with the overall show."

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"I never liked Duncan, ever since the very first episode, there was just this darkness that settled around him that I couldn’t handle. For I, Logan was always the right way to go."

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"Troy was also a cute, charming 09er who ignored the mocking of his friends to hang out with Veronica and gave her a shoulder to cry on when she needed it. I think the fact that Veronica had been fooled once before contributed a lot her reaction to Logan after discovering the cameras in ATttD."

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"I loved the movie so much don’t get me wrong, but damn, them not including Lilly in the memorial video really upset me. Lilly & Duncan were basically the beginning of Veronica Mars, the entire first and half of the second season was based on the two of them and Veronica and their relationship and all that. It really made me upset neither of them were mentioned in the movie."

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"It wasn’t until my most recent re-watch that I realized that Mars vs. Mars is essentially an extended bit of foreshadowing for the conclusion of Lilly’s murder. (A best friend willing to do whatever it takes to get justice after a young girl gets screwed over by a much older man she was having a relationship with)."

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"Keith almost died THREE TIMES in the show and the movie. I am so afraid that they might kill him off for good next time. If Keith dies, I don’t know what to do. I am so scared of his life. What would Veronica do?"

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"I just started watching Season 1 for the first time. I really like the show, but I am convinced that there is no way I will ever think that Logan is a good person, let alone a good romantic lead. It’s so unbelievable that when I see people shipping it on tumblr, I still think they might be talking about a character I haven’t met yet."

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"I am a bit let down when Veronica said in the movie that as she left town, THE NEW HER, as people would think of her, is a marshmallow…. But she’s always been a marshmallow from the very beginning. That’s why Wallace said it in the pilot, not when she left Neptune."

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"As a noir show, Veronica Mars has always shown the corruption behind the pretty façade. We got comfortable in season 1 and 2 with corruption hiding behind wealth or certain kinds of power. We got comfortable with Veronica doing morally questionable things, because she was doing so to rich and powerful jerks. One reason I get frustrated with some of the complaints about season 3, is that, to me, its clear that it is set up as a mirror looking back at Veronica (and us as the viewers) to show that Veronica’s own prejudices and assumption can blind her to corruption (and its opposite) as well. That her actions seem harder to stomach if the victims are someone easier to identify with. Episode 3x02 maps this out. We assume the Fraternity and Sorority kids are the new 09ers, but the Theta Beta are nice to Veronica, and ultimately trying to help someone. The girl claiming to be a feminist is, painfully and blatantly shown to anything but, as she slut shames Veronica and twists the term to use as a label to differentiate her from “those girls.” The editor of the newspaper (one of the few positions of authority that wasn’t corrupted in season 1 or 2) seems to share Veronica’s ideals, then uses her position on the paper (and a very real, very horrible situation) the same way Lamb uses his badge, twisting what seems like something to get behind for her own agenda. Claiming to be a feminist doesn’t make her an actually feminist any more than being part of Sorority doesn’t mean all the girls are rich, entitled and mean. Corruption can hide behind a cause Veronica believes in just as easily as it can the ideals that the Sheriff’s department and the mayors office claim to uphold. That hurts, yes, but it also is something that can be (and maybe needs to be) recognized and demonstrated in a noir world.."

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"I guess I’m different than everyone else because I still love the Veronica/Duncan relationship. In season one they had such chemistry and depth to them that I wanted them to go on to finding each other after everything was said and done. Now Logan was soulful, Piz was a good rebound but to all her boyfriends I thought it made more sense to have Veronica with Duncan. He was just that type of guy who could bring the emotions out of you (Do I need to recall that scene in “A Trip To The Dentist”?) They pulled off each other in such a tragic yet romantic sort of way. Neither can hate each other and neither can truly be done with one another passed on the fact their love story never got a chance to really end. Veronica & Duncan FOREVER!"

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"Rewatching ‘Like a Virgin’ made Duncan’s jokes to Cole, and Dick about Meg (“Meg was one of those Britney Spears virgins, huh And you were her noble Justin, just keeping it all on the down low.”) really creepy given both what happened between him and Veronica the previous year and what will happen with him and Meg the next season. Even more so when you consider the fact that the very next episode we see Meg, he is trying to date her."

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"As someone who grew up in both Orange County and San Diego, it seems like Balboa County is either the Northern party of San Diego or that it sits about where Camp Pendleton is in the real world. Aside from the fact that it was filmed in San Diego:

1) while Rob Thomas did say during the first season that Neptune is that “more like San Juan Capistrano” (which is, yes, in  the Southern part of Orange County) but he did so in response to an interviewer asking “We now know that Veronica’s hometown is modeled on Santa Barbara. But the show feels somehow like it’s set further south. Does Neptune nestle in the O.C.?” Suggesting he didn’t plan for Neptune to feel like it is “nestled” in Orange County and is even further south.

2) No one on the show ever talks about going anywhere in Orange County you would expect (like say, the Mission, or Knotts Berry Farm) instead referencing places mostly in San Diego (like SDSU, the Coronado Bridge and the San Diego Zoo).

3) In 1x03 its stated that round trip from San Diego to Neptune is 90 Minutes. In the evening. The only time that would get you into Orange County is on a Sunday Morning at 6am.

4) Keith is a Padres fan. That pretty much should be enough.”

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"While I don’t think the abuse storyline with the Mannings were planned out when Meg was introduced in ‘Like a Virgin’, I actually think it makes a weird sort of sense, retroactively. Lizzie, in many ways, can be seen as a parallel to Logan —- someone acting out to piss off (and unconsciously justify to themselves their treatment by) abusive parents."

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"I feel like a lot of the fans are completely ignoring that the movie was, well, a movie and not a season of the TV show. The entire screen time was the equivalent of about two and a half episodes—of course there wasn’t going to be time to develop as complex a mystery or explore as many plot lines as they did over the course of the season. Expectations should be more realistic."

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