I cannot believe how much I adore Logan after I hated him for the first part of season one.  I think the writers knew what they were doing because I don’t normally root for such a jackass.  His character arc was one of the better I’ve ever seen on TV, possibly the best.  There’s a reason there is such a huge Logan following and it’s not because we love Jason or Logan or want him as a boyfriend.  It’s because that is one hell of a character they created.”

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Trigger Warning: “What was the first episode you remember thinking “Oh, this is different”? For me, it’s the sixth when Logan organized bum battles and we saw Aaron hit him for the first time.”

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"I just noticed that in all the seasons of Veronica Mars, we never see someone smoke.. It’s weird because the show talks about students, so logically it should be some people who smoke no ??"

Note: In USA, there’s a rule of not showing people smoking in national television - especially when the show is aimed to teenagers. TV Cables, however, is permitted.

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Trigger Warning: “It really bothers me in “A Trip to the Dentist” when Veronica tells Logan that she “wasn’t raped” after she finds out she was with Duncan. Veronica was incapable of truly giving consent at the party no matter who it was. I know the situation was complicated but that doesn’t mean Veronica wasn’t raped.”

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As the Fan Event Movie Premiere draws near and I rewatch Veronica Mars Seasons 1,2,3 and I read (while avoiding spoilers) everything I can, I find that waaaaaaayyyyyy too much of my brain is taken up by Veronica Mars. I’m talking to my husband while making dinner and I”m thinking about VM. I’m on the phone for work and only half listening because I’m thinking about VM. I can’t wait for March 13 when, hopefully, I’ll get my brain back.”

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"When Veronica said in the beginning of the movie that Lilly died when she was 15, I was like, "NO… She was 16 when Lilly died. I remember because I WATCHED THE GODDAMN SHOW for a decade religiously." And certainly it was already stated in the show itself not just once or twice, not from fans’ imagination or calculation. HELLO?! Come on, writers!"

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I have watched the whole series back to back like 3 times in a row and now i’m listening to the soundtrack and it makes me want to watch it again. I’m seriously obsessed and can not wait for this movie.”

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During the first season, all the Lilly sequences where she talks to Veronica and Duncan seem like they play out in their heads. Then in season two, Veronica’s “vision” leads her to Weevil and coincidentally saves her life. This makes me feel like that scene is Lilly’s ghost trying to communicate with Veronica and makes me question all their previous interactions.”

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"I don’t think Lianne has ever loved Keith or cared for him as much as she did with Jake Kane. I´m  pretty much sure that she still has feelings for Jake and he will always be her only true love. And the same with Jake… that is the real explanation why they met  at the Camelot Motel. Celeste and Keith knew it as well…"

Note: There were discussions and possibly interview about the pilot that the reason why Jake met Lianne at the motel, was because Lianne was asking for money.

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"Percy and Francis said in the comic con 2013 that they would like to have each other’s roles. So I imagined how the pilot scene would have looked like, if Francis (this time as Wallace) got taped to the flagpole instead, and then Percy (as Weevil) came and told him that he is a dead man walking…"

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"My favorite scene in the whole show is the one in Leave It To Beaver when Veronica dreams about being with Lilly. Sometimes being caught up in the drama, you forget that they were best friends and that’s why Veronica cares so much about solving her murder case. I wish they had a few more flashbacks/ dream sequences between the two of them…"

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I really wish that the CW had given Veronica Mars another shot at another season. Not the season 4 pitch that was made to try and save the show either, just a regular season to let Rob Thomas do his thing. Yes, season 3 wasn’t the best but I feel like to a degree they were adjusting to the new network and the changes that the CW was trying to implement. The idea of The Castle being the season 4 big bad could have been really amazing and drawn in a lot of new fans and played on a lot of the old amazing stuff that originally made the show great. I’m sad that we’ll never get to see that.”

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My confession might be a little bit of an unpopular opinion but it’s just an observation. You would think that after what Veronica went through in season 1, when she thought Jake Kane could possibly be her father, that in season 2, when Wallace found out his father wasn’t really who he thought, she would have move sympathy and understanding for Wallace. I always thought that she wasn’t exactly being the best friend should could be in that moment, especially compared to how Wallace acted in “A Trip to the Dentist” when she spilled everything to him.”

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It makes me realize how little chemistry Veronica had with Duncan and Piz when I ship her and Casey together a million times harder after just one episode. They had seasons and it never clicked for me like that.”

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