"I know some people say they are disappointed about the 09er focused mystery in the movie rather than the race and class conflict, but the fact is that while race and class conflicts are given lip service in Veronica Mars as a problem and are used atmospherically as part of the noir themes, outside of the more general fact that race and class affect everything… none of the major (and very few of the minor) mysteries end up being center on this conflict. Lilly’s death, Felix’s death, the bus crash, all the major mysterious of season three, the class conflict was used as a red herring but weren’t the actual motive; their participant are within the same class. The conflicts over the summer were shown largely be stirred up by Thumper to cover his crime. Even the corruption in Neptune was shown in Season 2 to be from both the haves (Kanes and their ilk) and have notes (Fitzpatricks). In Veronica Mars’ world, to quote Keith “most crime is personal” and always has been."

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"I love the fact that even when Veronica ended up with Leo at the costume party, the promotional photos of the episode were all Logan and Veronica."

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"The only complaint I have about season three, is that we didn’t really see much of Wallace and Veronica’s friendship. Like season one and two Veronica and Wallace were basically inseparable and I fell madly in love with their friendship. So in season three we barely saw that friendship at all. Overall, I like season three a lot, but because of that big problem for me, it’s probably my least favorite season!"

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"I find the group core of Gia, Luke, Carrie, and Susan (Cobb and Sean not included) pretty interesting. I understand Logan and Carrie. I understand Dick and everyone else. But I don’t understand the rest. Were they being shunned by their 09ers community so they were together? Gia’s father was a pedophile, Carrie and Susan seemed to be on their own from the beginning ever since Mr. Rooks, Luke is gay… It was like they were trying to form their own misfit gang until everything went to hell."

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"I’m sort of glad that Ryan Devlin is wearing an awful wig for his role as Duncan. They have awful wigs in every season and movie. It’s very meta!"

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"I wonder whether Rob had a plan to put Logan and Carrie together if he hadn’t put Logan and Veronica in season 1."

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"I love how in S01 E13 ‘Lord of the Bling’ when talking about Yolanda Hamilton, Veronica goes “We used to be friends, a long time ago.” and right as her line ends, the theme song/intro starts playing and the lyrics say exactly what Veronica had just said. It just feels like the writers and Rob Thomas thought it’d be a funny joke. That the viewers would laugh at how ‘cheesy’ the whole ‘joke’ is. I know I chuckle every time."

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"A part of me always thought Duncan may have killed Lilly and not Aaron. But when I was re-watching the first season and Aaron was hit by the flower van in 1x22 I noticed a picture of a Lilly on the side of the van and I saw it as Lilly’s revenge on Aaron. And ever since I have known that Aaron did kill her."

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"When I re-watch Ruskie Business, I tend to talk to the screen like it’s a scary movie during the dance: “No Veronica! Don’t give Meg the flower!””

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"I first watched Veronica Mars was when I was in 6th grade (2007). I was browsing through channels when I came across it. The first scene I saw was S1E02 Credit “Where Credit’s Due”, Paris Hilton was talking. I changed the channel (I’m not a Paris Hilton Fan. Ironic, since they brought her to pick up audience). After going through all the channels, I landed back on BTV (that was the name of the channel). I saw Logan and Veronica banter in class; he taunted her about being there for Duncan and she remarked that she was there for him. I giggled & gave it a try. After that episode I couldn’t wait for it to show every Thursday. Maybe that’s why I was on Team LoVe earlier in the season. I just adored every scene they were in together. And fell in love with the overall show."

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"I never liked Duncan, ever since the very first episode, there was just this darkness that settled around him that I couldn’t handle. For I, Logan was always the right way to go."

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"Troy was also a cute, charming 09er who ignored the mocking of his friends to hang out with Veronica and gave her a shoulder to cry on when she needed it. I think the fact that Veronica had been fooled once before contributed a lot her reaction to Logan after discovering the cameras in ATttD."

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"I loved the movie so much don’t get me wrong, but damn, them not including Lilly in the memorial video really upset me. Lilly & Duncan were basically the beginning of Veronica Mars, the entire first and half of the second season was based on the two of them and Veronica and their relationship and all that. It really made me upset neither of them were mentioned in the movie."

Note: I already answered the question why Lilly wasn’t in the memorial video HERE. Both Lilly and Duncan were mentioned in the book. Don’t forget to read tags first before submitting anything, thanks.

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"It wasn’t until my most recent re-watch that I realized that Mars vs. Mars is essentially an extended bit of foreshadowing for the conclusion of Lilly’s murder. (A best friend willing to do whatever it takes to get justice after a young girl gets screwed over by a much older man she was having a relationship with)."

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"Keith almost died THREE TIMES in the show and the movie. I am so afraid that they might kill him off for good next time. If Keith dies, I don’t know what to do. I am so scared of his life. What would Veronica do?"

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