"I never liked Piz and Veronica or Piz really… Nevertheless, I hope he finds happiness. I don’t care what Veronica may have said about loving Piz. Even in the show their relationship only felt like a place holder until she got back with Logan. I hate Piz but I think he deserves better than Veronica. I mean if she really loved Piz she wouldn’t have screwed Logan against a column the night he broke up with her. I want Piz to be happy! Just not with Veronica."

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"I find that Piz’s and Veronica’s relationship, both in the movie and season 3 was kind of odd. I understand how in season 3 she wanted a break from all the drama, and she just wanted a nice boy. But their relationship didn’t seem like one that would last in the long run."

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"I’m not a Piz fan. AT ALL. But now he’s out of the picture, I kinda miss him now?"

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"The fight between the 09ers and Logan (and Weevil, Piz, Wallace, Dick) was not believable. I always thought that the 09ers were a bit of a weak side. They don’t usually want to ruin their pretty faces."

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"I guess I’m different than everyone else because I still love the Veronica/Duncan relationship. In season one they had such chemistry and depth to them that I wanted them to go on to finding each other after everything was said and done. Now Logan was soulful, Piz was a good rebound but to all her boyfriends I thought it made more sense to have Veronica with Duncan. He was just that type of guy who could bring the emotions out of you (Do I need to recall that scene in “A Trip To The Dentist”?) They pulled off each other in such a tragic yet romantic sort of way. Neither can hate each other and neither can truly be done with one another passed on the fact their love story never got a chance to really end. Veronica & Duncan FOREVER!"

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"Even though I am a huge LoVe shipper, I still never minded when Veronica or Logan were dating someone else (Duncan, Piz, Parker, Hannah, etc). All of their other girlfriends/boyfriends were likable characters and well developed. But, I think the real reason I didn’t mind them breaking up is that I knew that Veronica and Logan would end up back together in the end."

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"Someone should really do a parallel gifset of when Piz gets upset that Veronica gets to go away for her internship, and when Logan’s proud reaction of when Veronica accepts her first lawyering job away from him and from Neptune. Put things into perspective."

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"I honestly don’t hate Piz and Veronica as a couple, however when push comes to shove Piz is a little boring/very routine and that’s why I think I love Veronica and Logan together more."

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"I always liked to see Veronica with Duncan more than Veronica with Logan or Piz. I don’t know why. So when the movie came out I was hoping for and reference (at least) of Duncan and his daughter, and what happened with them. Logan and Veronica are a nice match, but I will always think  Duncan as Veronica’s first, and for me the more honest love."

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"Law school is a black hole for all your time and energy. Studying for the bar is worse and afterward, if you do get a job at firm like Truman-Mann you are probably going to have 80 hour work weeks. Its not an existence that leave much time for a relationship at all and the fact that Veronica hadn’t met the people Piz works with or parents when they’d only been dating a year (two months of which, at least, she had to be stuck in a cave studying) didn’t strike me as odd. Piz’s reaction? That was frustratingly familiar. The guy that thinks he’s supportive of his girlfriend being a lawyer, but feels embarrassed she chose her education over socializing with his work colleagues. Who somehow thinks its appropriate to plan a meeting with his parents only 5 weeks before the bar. Maybe he was a nice guy, but in the film he seemed more like a representation of the slightly convoluted expectation for women. If you don’t have a career, your unsuccessful, and if you do? Well, you still should put your partners needs first and drop everything for brunch."

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"You know, as much as I love Logan, all the Piz hate is seriously unnecessary especially when it comes to the sex tape. Piz was a victim just like Veronica but Veronica always had a certain expectation of herself to live up to. Remember that she was raped, the sex tape was just another way she felt violated and vulnerable and she hated that. You also have to remember that Piz knows Veronica’s past but he wasn’t with her the majority of the seasons. He’s this guy that got thrown into this mess of drama and craziness without really knowing what to expect. Veronica and the others grew together and went through their own struggles together, Piz wasn’t there. Veronica was meant to be with Logan, everyone knows that, Piz was just an innocent bystander that just so happened to fall for someone he could never have!"

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"I liked Norris more than Piz because he had depth, however small it may have been. Moreover, Norris actually worked to stand up for Veronica and protect her. Piz did nothing but stand around, making sarcastic jibes at the situations he was put in. THAT’S why I like Norris more than Piz- because as nice as Piz is, he’s not strong enough for Veronica, nor is he deep enough for my affection.”

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"I’m kind of tired of seeing all of the hate Veronica is getting for the way she ended things with Piz. In all aspects of entertainment, we want to see the main character follow her heart and be true to herself. We don’t want to see her living life as a lie with someone she doesn’t truly love (i.e. Did you want to see Allie end up with her rich fiancé in the Notebook….Did you want Meredith Grey to end up with McVet & not McDreamy). Veronica followed her heart and not what society said she should do. She couldn’t do “normal” with Piz and still be Veronica."

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"Everyone says that Piz was passive aggressive when he was pursuing Veronica. Well, Veronica was passive aggressive too when she was in a relationship with him. She was avoiding his friends/coworkers/parents and pretty much dismissive and yet didn’t tell Piz about how much she wanted out from the relationship."

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