"I understand why people think that Piz didn’t defend Veronica in college during the sex tape seems cowardly. But I think the smart thing is to realize sometimes the bravest thing a person can do just to walk away."

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"I know that there is no chance of this happening with their budget, but I wish that Swift’s “The Way I Loved You” was used in the movie. It describes the whole Piz/Logan thing because the song is about being in the ‘perfect’ relationship but wanting the messy relationship instead. In my head, these lyrics would be playing on the radio: “He can’t see the smile I’m faking, And my heart’s not breaking, Cause I’m not feeling anything at all, And you were wild and crazy, Just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated, got away by some mistake” and Veronica would come to the realization that she wants the “screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, And it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name” relationship back."

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"I’d like to think Veronica wasn’t joking completely when she told her father how hers and Piz’s love-making was “remarkable for its stillness and tranquility” —that comment as opposed to what she has with Logan makes me giddy for some reason."

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I’ve noticed while re-watching season three that when Piz comes over to talk to people that he doesn’t start of with “hi” or “what’s up” but just prattles on about whatever he wants to for his own interests.”

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"I know there is a varying opinions on the Veronica and Piz relationship, some hate it and some love it, I never really felt like it had depth. I didn’t see strong chemistry and the writers didn’t give any strong indications that she was truly smitten with Piz or that she really loved him. He just felt like an easy choice for her rebound. At times to me, Veronica seemed bored with Piz, and as though the simplicity of their relationship wasn’t what she was looking for. Yes, her and Logan had a complex and at times unhealthy relationship, but it felt real. It was believable for me. Some relationships are incredibly intense. That’s just what I saw."

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"While I didn’t find Piz as terribly annoying in the movie as I did during Season 3, there were a few times he did make me grit my teeth and want to punch him. Exhibit A: When he stopped Veronica from doing her rendition on Ira! Like come on, when he stopped her it was as though he was embarrassed by her and her sense of humor. Also, when Veronica joked about their “calm love-making” to her father, FUNNY STUFF, yet of course Piz didn’t think so and tried to make her stop. His passive-aggressiveness though not as bad as it could be, still bothered me a bit during the movie."

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"I’m so sick of seeing all the love triangle stuff.  Veronica Mars is about so much more than that and seeing all this shipping with these guys (neither of whom seem to belong with Veronica anyway) is embarrassing.  The constant LoVe and Pizonica or whatever stuff makes us look just as bad as the twihards."

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"For the first time even in the history of Veronica Mars, I felt bad for Piz. Sure, he had it coming, but the break up, while not a big deal for V, made me sad for Piz. The way his voice kind of broke when he stopped Veronica from apologizing —sad. It was the right thing to do for him to break things off, but still sad on his side. Obviously, he loved Veronica far more than she ever could, so there’s that…Finally after seven or so years I felt any kind of sympathy for Piz."

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A part of me resents that Chris Lowell gets publicity and credit for being part of the show, when in fact, he was never there at its best, and neither did his character contribute significantly to the plot of the worst season. Yet, he mercilessly demeans a long-running character who is among the best the show has to offer, without even checking his facts first.”

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"Everyone said that Keith is Piz or Duncan in the love triangle scenario; that Lianne will always love Jake Kane just like Veronica will always love Logan. I disagree with that notion. I always thought that Keith = Logan; with his protective streaks, his snarks, his sense of vigilance… Jake Kane mostly sits idly by just like Duncan or Piz; he will ignore problems until they go away or let others solve them without making his hands dirty."

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"I started to avoid all things Veronica Mars because of all the hate for Piz. I love Chris Lowell and loved Piz as a character. I never shipped him with Veronica, I always thought that if given time and if we knew more about him there would be more to love, aside from his relationship with V. It was obvious that if the show went on they would’ve split and eventually she would end up going back to Logan, so I think the hate is totally uncalled for."

Note: I assume this is a confession, because you didn’t specify. Next time, don’t forget to read the GUIDELINES. Thanks!

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"I was really disappointed by Veronica’s character in the movie. She was completely unlikable to me. I realize that she had to get with Logan (even though I strongly disagree with that pairing) to make the fans happy, but it seems like the fans don’t care how heartless Veronica had to be in order to get to that point. The way she treated Piz was just unacceptable. Thinking of how apathetic she was toward someone she was supposedly serious with (serious enough for his parents to fly in and see her, at least) is something that has been gnawing at me. And then she just got over the breakup so quickly and hooked up with Logan ASAP. Like Piz or not, he has always been good to Veronica, and the way she treats him like garbage in this movie just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like somewhere in the course of nine years we somehow lost the Veronica we know and love."

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"I really hope that history doesn’t repeat itself and Veronica doesn’t end up like her mother. Being bitter and self destructive, when she realizes she too has settled for the reliable guy but is still in love with her high school sweetheart who she can’t stay away from."

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"With the popularity of True Detective, Sherlock, Luther, The Killing, Elementary, etc, interest in detective shows are in high demand so wouldn’t they think the movie marketing would focus on the fact that Veronica is a detective instead focusing on the love triangle? It’s so frustrating that the PR people (and the cast) chose to ignore that point

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"I haven’t seen the movie, but WHY I get the feeling (based on Chris Lowell’s chat I read) that they retconned the whole Piz and Veronica having sex in college?"

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