"I love both Veronica Mars and Buffy but I try to stay away from seeing parallels between them. I couldn’t help but see the parallel between the scene of Veronica walking around Hearst Campus with Mac talking about the lack of rollercoasters in Pizneyland in 3x18, and the scene of Buffy walking around UC Sunnydale Campus with Willow talking about whether a safe relationship with Riley can be that intense in Something Blue and I can’t help but wonder if it was intentionally. Or to wonder if someone with actually skills has made a gif comparing them?"

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"That Backer in the behind the scene of the movie was annoying when she bashed Logan in order to prop Piz. She was entitled to her opinion, but the way that the documentary was focusing on her instead of being objective was also pissing me off. I am not saying this as a Logan defender or whatever, but clearly the whole concept of a love triangle as a promotion reached its peak when NOBODY wanted to defend Piz except that one backer, so she got a lot of focus.”

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"I think that Piz ruined everything for Veronica and Logan, and if he had been the rapist, it would’ve brought them closer and been a more interesting plot twist than it being Mercer."

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"It annoys me that until this day, some people still don’t realize what kind of douche Piz was in season 3. They still insist that after the movie that Veronica made a mistake of dumping Piz because he was such a nice guy. Holy shit, please open your eyes that Piz was not as nice that everyone claimed."

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"Listen, no matter what… Kristen will always choose Piz. She will never change her mind, and she is entitled to her opinion. But at least (now) she understands the dynamic relationship between Logan and Veronica and knows that her character is perfect with Logan. I am just glad that now she can separate her own personal preference with her character.”

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"Watching the movie I felt that Piz was frustrated with Veronica before Logan’s call. I think the meeting with his parents was, in his mind, was a sort of ultimatum: prove that the last year of putting law school and your career first was a fluke by choosing my parent over work or studying for the bar for a few days, but he never really articulated that to Veronica in a way she realized it. So when she called she thought it would be first or second strike against her in his mind, not the last."

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"A lot of people think that Veronica is ashamed of Logan or doesn’t trust him because of the way she acts when he comes to dinner with Keith in season 3. I like to think that she is so much more scared and nervous than she was about Piz or Duncan because she actually cares if Keith likes Logan. He is the one that’s really important to her. I don’t think she would have cared one way or the other if Keith had liked Piz."

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"I really need Veronica and Piz to get back together in the next book. I feel like Logan is just going to hurt her again, and Piz is so nice and respectable!"

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"I think my main problem with the Season 3 Piz story line is that it ultimately shows how the guys handle being ‘friendzoned’, especially if it’s from a girl who is already dating somebody."

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"I like to believe that Veronica and Piz only got back together a year or so before the movie. I just feel if they’d actually been together for 10 years they would have taken the next step."

Note: Rob already confirmed that they were together for a year before the movie

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"I wonder whether Jackie and Veronica ever met each other in NYC. I wonder what happened to Jackie? I know she’s a single mom. I wonder whether she ever met Piz? Well, he would be eaten alive by her I guess. I hope she has a happy life now. I really do."

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"I actually laughed when I found out that Chris Lowell is going to play "Chris Lowell" instead of Piz."

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"Call me cynical, but I don’t believe that Kristen Bell changed her opinion about Logan after all these years when she was vehemently the biggest supporter of Piz and Duncan. Sure, she acknowledges Logan now and probably see what the other fans see about the character. But I don’t believe she just convert like that. I guess it’s more of a fan service and to gain support for the next VMars project. Especially when she STILL says, "Piz treated her better than Logan back then. I was there every episode." And yet she fails to see what happened. It’s a good gesture from her, and I appreciate it. But I don’t believe her."

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"I love Norris. He’s a great character. But there’s no way I want him to be an obstacle of LoVe’s relationship and turning into Piz. Don’t ruin his character!"

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